Relaxing vs Being mom

As I sit to relax in the parlor giving my legs in the experienced hands of a beautician, my mind loiters around various stuff.

One morning I woke up to say that I need to relax today, but now that am a mom , it's a thing of the past. My mornings starts with the cuddling of the little champ in my life, the monster , the turtle and the everything one can think of.. He is it.

And then I hit the floor doing the usual chores with the tiny feet following me everywhere mine go to.

And this continues till the time he goes to bed. In a nut shell there's absolutely no room for relaxing.

I wonder how these younger moms of today manage to move out and keep a track on their fitness, their family. I guess they have surrendered themselves to the bai/maid and rely on them for all the chores at home.

As these thoughts jinxed my head I was jolted by the parlor lady who asked me to soak my feet in the tub filled with luke warm water.

Expensive weddings or expensive Brides?

Girls are expensive.

Is this a familiar jargon? Till date giving birth to a girl baby is considered a curse in many places around the world. And now they are considered to be expensive. LOL. Yesterday happened to hear one dad, whose daughter is all grown up, say "oh no these daughters are really a great deal, costly and over the top" . I simply smiled away. He continued to the lady at the counter" madam, my daughter's wedding is fixed. " Madam with enthusiasm replied " wow! That's great news, where's the groom from? ". Dad with all pride replied " From the USA".

I smiled again.

And then he said " But dear, marriages have been a costly affair then and now , however my daughter is even more expensive. The beautician cost is about a lakh rupees and hell with those candid photographers. They need 2.5 lakhs for full coverage. "

I smiled again but this time replied " Sir, the beautician and the photographers also need to lead their lives. " All those nerdy looks fell upon me and almost ready to pounce back with all possible responses.

One gentleman said " well said young lady" that cut the awkwardness in air. Probably he was the only one who got my point.

On a lighter note the dad continued " my daughter said she needs me to give in  writing if am unable to fulfill her dreams and she'd keep that note as a momento. "

All of us laughed.

This small incident has so much to talk and discuss about today's weddings.

Bring it on.. What's your thoughts?


I want to reach the stars
Fly to mars
Sing my heart

I want to reach the desert
Walk the dunes
Dance to the tunes

I want to reach the ocean
Watch the whales
Run the beach

I want to jump up high
Reach the sky
Far from cries

My 'Want list' keeps piling up
And my desire to fulfill them

An hour at the Post office.

Last Saturday of January 2017 it was. I was waiting my turn in the never ending queue at the post office. Needed to collect some paperwork I had to get done for one of my investments. As I wait , my eyes starts to see and observe people around me, their behavior and what they are up to.
There is this fairly tall guy and his wife by his side. They stand in another queue adjacent to mine that purely dealt with savings account and deposits. The couple probably had waited about half an hour in the line before they realized it was the wrong one. They were supposed to get an NSC(National savings certificate) opened. Poor chaps had to get back on to the right queue and wait for another hour or so before they could be attended to.
He had to go through all of this because there is no inquiry desk at this post office I visited. The officers and post masters were also pretty rude to him when he requested that it was not his fault as one of the former had instructed him to be standing in the line that he was until his turn came and the truth had been unfold.
And there was this another man in his forties ( I guessed from his talks on the phone). He was of a normal built but had a huge belly, wore an ill fitted grey shirt and a black trouser. This man abides by the traffic rules so much so that he wears a helmet even to the post office, you see :) 
An excerpt from his phone call to someone named bhaiyya( refers to brother in hindi) enlightened me of some interesting facts. Do any of you own a house in Bangalore? Planning to rent it? What is that you see in a tenant before you rent it to them ?
Simple you need them to be trust worthy. That's all is what I used to think.
Here this gentleman had a list of things he was looking for in a tenant for his newly bought flat in the heart of the city. I'm sure even a bride would choose her groom with lesser pre requisites. Of all that he demanded one fact that got me stunned was what he said to bhaiyya over the phone 'see bhaiyya, no matter what I need right people to rent my flat. I purposefully have quoted a high rent so that only high salaried people opt'.
It still disturbs me when ever I recall this conversion. Even though it was just that man's perception of equating the status quo to the money strata of the family, I wonder there may be thousands of similar men out there in the world carrying such rot thoughts in their minds. May be he was trying to safe guard his stand during his conversation with bhaiyya to ensure he gets the perfect tenant he was looking for but the factual data was misleading though.
Next my vision fell on a cute little girl holding her dad's hand and jumping up to touch the hoarding out there. The billboard displayed schemes that discussed mainly the benefits one could harvest on investing for a girl child. How apt. It was as if I was witnessing the little girl leaping towards her future.
As I was still engrossed in these visual treats , I heard my name called from the other side of the desk.
Ashwini Nagaraja... 

The legend of lakshmi prasad .. An interesting read.

As the name of the book was intriguing,I decided to give it a read.

This book is a collection of for stories and the theme is feminism. The stories are simple in terms of plot and the writing style. A clear message has been expressed in each story and the characters were relatable as well. Seemed to be dragging in a few places but considering the fact that it was justified by what the plot needed, the read was good.

Would recommend to those who are in need of a society type read.

Mom in me and the time.

Time doesn't wait for anything in this world. Nothing seems right when there is a turmoil going on around you and in your tiny little brain. Don't get me wrong, l am pretty fine health wise and personal front too. It's just that there has been hell lot of things to do while I am cuffed by the duties of mom. I am neither complaining nor stressing on the fact of loads of work, in plain words I mean to say the time keeps ticking with no mercy on anyone.

Damn sure every mom hitting this post and reading through the first few lines would have connected each bit of it. I am cent percent guaranteed that in a flash of a lightning you would have travelled through the entire journey of motherhood: from day one to present and of course with that big grin on the face.

Happy new year 2017!

Marking an end to 2016 , an year that's gone by. As usual it had it's ups and downs , the swing in mood and air. It's been wonderful in most aspects - many firsts in my little one's life, major hurdles financially reached, some hard decisions taken, few moments cherish for a life time, travellouges that I'd talk about for years down the lane. Highlighting the fact that it is the year my little dear sis got engaged and married too.. That's a huge list! Practically that's not all of it.

New year was just another day. It started as usual and was pretty causal. I am excited for a new journey in my life with a chapter called 2017.

Happy new year all my readers. Hope you've had a great start. Love to hear from you all.



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