Thursday Challenge - 3 [Wooden]

Huge Wooden structures in one of those long allies of Seattle.

The next one here are wooden OAK Barrels from a distillary. It contains one of the finest Bourbon. Lucky to have visited one of the distillary while in the States and it was very interesting to know the history and process of making Bourbon whiskey. Do you know how the whiskey actually gets that pungent smell?? - Of course the fermentation but there is yet some credit charred Barrels. You can read more here.

That is how you stack the barrels over X's which withstands the weight for longer periods.

And now the last one from my collection is a wooden dry-stand[that's what I call it] built to sun-dry either fish, clothes or any find from the sea. It was a wonderful piece of work to find.

You can find more photos on the theme at "Thursday Challenge".

Thursday Challenge - 2 [HOT]

From a little spark may burst a flame and here is second week where I am back for the Thursday challenge with the theme "HOT".


This was captured in Hawai.


The work is a reward in itself. When your work gets recognised and you are awarded with a title as precious as "Awesome Blogger" it definitely brings that huge smile on the achievers face and I am no different. I am elated and glad on recieving this title from a very creative lady "Ranjana".

It so happened that a couple of months ago I was looking out for sketches that I could use for my craze of glass-painting and that is when I stumbled upon one of her beautiful pencil sketch. Upon requesting Ranjana happily agreed upon me using the sketch for the painting. She ventures into various forms of art - Saree makeover is something thats unique and I adore so much.

Thanks again !! for having passed this award to Unveil the Other side.

And now as a part of the tradition, I'll have to describe a few of my favorites here.
1. My Favourite Fruit: This has to be the king of fruits - Mango.
2. My Favourite Car: I love the make of Ambassador.
3. My Favourite sports' personality: P.T Usha
4. My Favourite Game: Ice-spice :)
5. My Favourite Chocolate: The one I make at home...

Now the award has to be passed on to awesome bloggers. Hey can it to passed onto all the blogger friends I follow ? Is that permissible? Who cares ? All of whom I follow write awesome stuff. So each of you are eligible to pick the title :)

However in no particular order I've tried to introduce a few wonderful blogs to all my friends in case you've missed reading them.
1) Through My Eyes - >  I love the way Ritesh narrates the thrilling horror stories that brings a shiver down the spine.
2) Life Under Microscope - >  Prasanna Rao literally gets life under the Microscope. I loved "The Letter" she posted recently on her blog.

3) Vyo's World -> The various topics and the essence in each of her posts is something that interests me to go back everytime I find a new post on her blog.

I read a lot from many other well established bloggers from around the world. You can find the list scroll to the right of my blog. All those interested to pick the title "Awesome Bloggers" are more than welcome to do so but you know what you'll have to do once you pick it up. :)

"Dreams are yours and nightmares are mine" ~ Fiction

Disclaimer: This is a fiction. All characters and incidents are fictitious , if any resemblance to living or dead is purely co-incidence.

It was a warm summer sunday morning. Air absolutely pure, weather perfectly pleasant. Laila's breakfast scream was well-known in the neighbourhood. A fitness freak Debashish was winding up his abs and weights routine when he heard his wife go top on her voice "Debo, your daily dose of protein is up on the table. If you are done with your toning, head to the dining please."

He replied completely irked "Sssshhhh!! Can't you keep it low Laila? Payal is resting and so are our neighbours. I'm coming in a bit. Hang on".

Payal shut her ears using the pillow on her side. It was her first day of vacation after the final exam of class VII , that meant long hours of sleeping. Laila did not care of any, she continued with her routine. 8 am, the table was dressed with a beautiful lilac setting that Laila bought in Belgium a year ago when Debashish had taken her along for a casual business trip. The antique silver spoons from Kolkata laid on the table, made it more than perfect. Laila had turned a full time home maker after she had Payal.

Laila brewed a citrus based lemon tea for herself, added a sugar cube that cut the sourness just as required. Sitting by the window that opened to a lush green garden, holding her favourite ceramic cup which had chinese inscription on it that read - "Happy and I", hot lemon tea coupled with french toast made the perfect breakfast combo on a warm sunday morning. She was munching on a bite while Debashish walked in.

As he gulped the milk shake in a single go, Laila was curious to know if he was rushing to office despite it being a holiday. She had never seen him polish off the drink so quick on a holiday. Without any hesitation she popped up "Debo , you going to work today?"

He nodded a No. She sighed of relief as there had been a movie plan already in place for that noon. And later in the day they were supposed to visit the famous circus that had halted in the town for a month or two.

She raised the next question "Debo we are going to the Prabhakar theaters this noon. Aren't we?"  Before Debashish could respond to that, she continued "Payal was all excited yesterday that we were visiting the Famous circus that she longed to go from years." Debashish did not utter a word. Laila was more excited of the plan than his daughter Payal, thought he. Payal was up and completely awake when she heard her mother citing of Circus.She raced to the dining hall, hugged her mom and screamed in her usual tone "Good morning mom, Good morning Papa".

Debashish was lost in a world of thoughts only to be brought back into the discussion by a pat on his back by his sweet little daughter. His voice slurred and in a weak tone said "Excuse me , I'm not feeling okay. Seems like I have a temperature.I'd better rest."

"Dad, I am sure you are joking. I know you are playing with my anger. I am going to be ready in an hour. Off I go" said Payal before she left the room.

Laila did notice a kind of tension build up on Debo's face and she approached him to inquire on the matter. He broke out even before she could question him. All his dreams of a secured future was shattered he cried. She tried to control till his sobs ceased. Later he explained how he had been fired from his organization for no wrong of his, how he had begged his boss to keep him in working terms until he found a suitable job, how his rude and stingy boss turned down his request. He cried iterating that all this while he had been thinking of the EMI's and loans that were to be fuelled in month on month, how his daughter need to get best of education and how he would keep his home running till he gets a job. He did not want to let his daughter down but his emotional side tore up in front of his beloved wife.
She empathatically said "Debo, What is life with no trouble on you plate. If not this job you'd find something better. Do not loose your heart to something that wasn't meant for you. Now stop worrying about a disaster and think of a happy evening with our darling daughter. Go have a wash and be ready in a while. Lets drop the movie but head directly to BharatiNagar."

"BharathiNagar ?? Why?? " - Puzzled Debo asked.

Laila with a wink said "I am taking a day off from my kitchen duties. I've heard a new punjabi restaurant is flaunting with a few varities of delicacies from the north. So we will go there for a brunch. Now don't waste time dear".

"But about my job, aren't you afraid of our future? Are you not angry for hiding facts all this while?" Suprised Debo questioned.

"Debo, we have all the time to discuss about it, tomorrow. Now you go" . she forced him into the bath.

Laila drove to "Mazedaars" a decent looking dhabha styled restuarant in BharatiNagar. Excited Payal ordered Makhaani Dal and Makki ki Roti from the favorites list on the card. Laila knew Debo's love for Tandoori Roti dabbed with Desi ghee combo-ed with Saag. She ordered stuff that sufficed the stomach filling for two. Debo looked dis-interested , his composure told tales of haunted thoughts. Circus was the only word on Payal's mind. Naturally, she was curious as she had never been to a circus before and looked forward to seeing a show that evening. While in the states on a vacation with her parents last summer she had seen an acrobat show on the strip of Vegas that lasted only for about 5 minutes. She was fascinated by the beautifully dressed ladies on the trapeze swinging from one end to another. Often she dreamt of dressing like one and flying high mid air. Payal was wondering how thrilling today's act would be and that is when Laila patted on her shoulders welcoming her back to the current world.

Debo did not enjoy the lunch as he would otherwise. He felt dejected, torn up, down in the dumps. Laila tried all resorts to bring the cheer in him. She passed a few jokes which turned pale. She spoke of the best days they had during the first year of marriage. He did not respond. Payal was too busy to notice the silence that had struck her dad.

After the stuffing Laila , Debo and Payal reached the venue of Circus. Laila had booked 3 front seats in advance and there they sit waiting for the show to begin. A clown walked in with a mike bigger than his size and his actions got the entire hall into a roar of laughter and applause. The show began with a thundering bike act followed by the magician doing some wonders with the cards and hat. It was time to bring those caged animals on the show. Debo looked at the animals walking in with their ring master one after the other. In his mind he was equating the ring master to be his discourteous, impolite, scurrilous boss and those pity animals to the kind, amicable,respectful and obliging himself. With more of stunts and acrobatics from the animals and the trained acrobats, it was time to leave. Payal was delighted and electrified.

Laila drove back through Maraat Complex in the south of Chiranthpet to avoid traffic enroute. While she parked the car in garage Debo found a mail in the letter-box. He reached his hand to the mail and was confound as he saw his name on the addressee. The envelope had the logo of his dream company "LD Software Ltd." etched on it.

Opening the letter as he scrolled through the lines, he could not believe what he read. Debo jumped in joy, eyes filled with tears. Laila locked the car and called Payal to close the garage door behind her. Laila approached the main gate where she saw Debo elated and gleeful. They say when the lid comes off after a long period of repression, people may be grateful and elated. So was the case here. He passed the letter to her and cried "Laila, our lives are back on track. I've got my dream job. No worries here on."

Laila congratulated and hugged him. It was a big moment, atmosphere turned fervent and peppy. Debo did not get into speculation of how he got this offer. Though this seemed more of a Sherlock Holmes unsolved mystery, he was rather more happy that he had got a job. On the other hand Laila was full of content. She wanted to talk up this matter with Debo the next day but the letter reached prior to the talks which made her glad.

Laila had noticed the change in Debo's behaviour from the day of his dismissal. She had seen him sitting on an old wrecked bench that stood below the tree in the Kaveri park. She was going on her ususal evening stroll and that is when she saw him in a state of disappointment. Laila did not want to probe into the topic and enahance his worries until he felt it was right to disclose. She behaved normal and Luck was on her side when she met a long forgotten friend of hers in a super-market the other day. Piyush was exstatic to meet the Rose girl of college. Laila's stunning beauty, her poise got her all the attention in college. Piyush and Gayathri were her best friends.After a short exchange of the by-gones she invited him to come home with his best friend and wife Gayathri. Piyush was one among the majority share holders of  "LD Software Ltd."  I need not pen the rest.

"Our sense of space is crucial to our understanding of the world around us."

Thursday Challenge - 1 [BIG]

My first ever Thursday Photo challenge or rather any other theme participation in general.

I used to see a lot of my blogger friends to have been particiating in this challenge from quite some time. I'd love to join the space and here I go.

"BIG" is the theme for today.

As I thought of getting into this challenge I thought of a game plan. Let me pick the first 3 photos I clicked in past as I think of the theme.

So here comes the BIG Building: Columbia towers in Seattle, US.

The second would be a BIG gorge: Royal Gorge , Colorado.[pardon me - its a click from my phone]

And here you are presented with the BIG skyline - A part of NEW YORK city from the other side of hudson river.

For those who are interested to participate in the challenge please do so click here. The steps are simple.
Thursday Photo Theme .

I'll be here next week with something HOT.

Cab journey.

A colleague of mine has a kid of 3 odd years. He is the Gen-x kid I can say. On the way to our office yesterday she said that her son needs to go to school from next week and this is the first time he is stepping into the so-called life known as education. There we go - "how kids of today grasp, observe, talk and imitate all that they percieve" was the topic of general talking in the cab yesterday.

Our driver said "Oooh No way madam, you cannot answer their questions. They outsmart you in each and every possible way". He has a toddler too.

All of us nodded to confirm a "Yes". And that was when a new-joinee said "Hmmm we were not so forward in our thinking or probably we did not have the kind of exposure the kids of today have". Rest of us completely agreed.

It was just then we saw a Water-lorry zoom past our old and slow Sumo. Now what is a water-lorry? Let me explain that before I go ahead.

A tanker that loads up water from a nearby water source[either a water pump lifting the underground water or a river or a lake that hasn't dried up in this horrible summer] and travels to the residential apartments where water gets unloaded for the general use.

As my colleague saw this tanker she exclaimed "Water lorry" and started laughing. She later explained that her son recently saw a tanker spilling water when in motion and he shouted "Mamma lorry is doing susu." There was sudden burst of laughter. I gave it a little thought later.The kid's brain is so creative to make the non-living object full of life. Hope she shares more of his creative stories so that I put it up here.

I was connecting to the post I recently read on "Ahamkaara" where Sahana has written about such witty and inquistive stuffs her daughter comes up with.

With such light talks and discussions our cab journey which usually seemed to be a never ending journey, now has turned to become a smiling journey.

June 2012 - Calendar Shot

The month of monsoon. Aah just the sight of rain brings happiness.
Here is a capture after the pre monsoon rain that hit us two weeks ago just for day that too. :(
Facts I did not know:
->June ends on the same day of the week as March every year.
->In both common and leap years, no other month begins on the same day of the week as June.
->June is named after Juno (Hera). Juno was the goddess of marriage.

Any other interesting facts friends ?



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