Life & Situations

Alone, accompanied by thoughts
Colorful, in shades of black and grey
life, flows in an unknown pattern
complex, situations that come by
love, only that sustains

A day just like that .. what I see & remember..

After having attended the posh & pomp celebrations at a house warming ceremony at the relative's we hit the road to get back to destination home sweet home.
It was not the usual route we'd take, that's cos we had to hire an auto and the driver took the shortest path available.

 Oh! what a pleasing sight it was passing through the roads that once were a common hangout . be it a local movie in those single screen theaters, shopping in the only famous center around then, snacks to much on in the hotels well known then ( much before the Italian, Mexican and Chinese cuisine dwelled into business here). nostalgia hit the passing soul as it crossed this familiar part of city..

This post is mainly aimed at those who know the Bangalore of 80's & 90's .. Hope you remember the roads of Majestic. Guess you know what it feels like.



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