Restaurant vists-cum-adventures in the last few weeks.

Me, a sub-unit of this well known Silicon-World called MNC’s, working in one of the IT giants located in a major business hub in Bangalore, its plain and simple to go munch on a well-spread-buffet in a nearby restaurant as often as it may be.

If there is to be a definition to the frequency of such kinds of visits then probably a random algorithm best fits in. No specific day, no specific reason, we are hungry - we head out to the nearest eat-out.

It’s not that easy as it sounds. For those specific hygiene freaks, the options nail down to a very few restaurants that stand up to their standards, but for the happy-go-lucky-ones like me even a golgoppa wala[Indian Street chats] on the road would be more than fine to substitute a light meal.

There is a Cafeteria stationed in almost every premise but hell with their quaality of food and their high rates. Who would want to eat the dry-tasteless Rotis [Indian breads] with “Yelloooooooooooooooooooooow” Dal [I am exaggerating for sure but the amount of turmeric that goes into it every day is really way too much] and a Garlicy-manchurian [I pity those who have no other option].

The mantra goes like this - you get what you pay for.

So having said all that let me introduce you to the new flavors I've tasted in the recent times. A small eat-out typically a kind of a Mess called the "Krishna Punjabi" has been a huge hit among my office group who flaunt on desi phulkas, dal and sabji. With these sky-rocketing rates of veggies the 'bhaiyya' there cheerfully [pun intended] gives an onion salad to balance the thali to the perfection. He has recently introduced a green chatni (" a little chilli - a little tangy "). The lassi after the super-desi meal is a great treat and I love this part the best of the entire lunch. The whole meal is not heavy on the pocket and you are more than satisfied with the quality.

Next, I cannot forget mentioning the "4 seasons" restaurant which opened roughly about a year ago. The first visit here, we had no reservation and the guy in the reception made us wait and wait and wait….for close to an hour with his simple statement everytime we ask for the status of our table - "paanch min sir/madam"[Five min Sir/Madam]. About one hour up, his paanch [5] minutes had come to an end. Finally!! We laid our asses on a well cushioned new sofa and I could hear our tummies calling out for food. Next minute, I see everyone around the center table where the spread was laid. Food was good. I don’t rate it the best but a normal should be okay for the standards and the variety. Hygienic freaks -- this is for you, as you get no normal water served on table. It is a mandate to buy bottled water for a rate of 35 bucks each to quench your thirst. I really don’t know why it is so. Next time I go there [May be not in the next six months], will have to inquire about the spiked rates.

I love soft Rotis that melt in the mouth [as shown in some of these commercials to promote their company's wheat flour].So the stop point am going to discuss here next is a newly opened hang out called " Happy Singh". First thing I noticed as I read this name - A smile on my face. That very moment I made it a point to visit this restaurant if I'd get a chance. The day arrived and as usual the office group reached right on time to get a table for 4. Order placed. Waiting for the makki ka roti, sarson ka saag[Authentic Punjabi spread with bread and curry] felt like hours. The place is new and so are the guys employed there. Next visit to this place is going to be after a few weeks, hoping by then they are on their feet running from one customer to the other, serving at the speed of light. A lip smacking lassi with a hint of Rooh-afza made it a complete meal. I loved the essence of ghee in the saag.[In actual I dont like ghee, but here was an exception]. A panner starter was excellent in taste but not worth the money in terms of quantity. Overall I would mark this an "okay to visit once in a quarter" :).

Recently a day out on a weekend had been to a well known mall in the city.

Are you the one who counts on calories on your diet? Do you love flavoured yogurt? And are berries your favourite? Then yougurberry is the stuff for you. It’s easy simple and yummy too. As soon as I saw this yogurberry counter the first thing I was reminded of was a fat Punjabi foodie chef who had given out certain tips on making your morning cereal a bit of interesting using yogurt and berry concentrate. On indulging this parfait at yogurberry, I bet to try something similar at home very soon. A low on fat and low on calories, exactly what I was looking for. My choice of parfait came with one premium topping - and 5 regular toppings with a cereal and yogurt of my choice. Aaah this was the best part. I could customize this yummy stuff but for a cost of 205/- I think that was a little on the higher side.

Late in the afternoon, I happened to munch on some quality Italian food. Basil, dry tomatoes, olive oil, and thyme - the aroma still lingers on. The queen of the day was a bite of Waffles dipped in a low-sweet maple syrup. A sweet day, indeed it was!

Signing off on a sweet note for now with the semi-sweet-soft waffles from Cafe-Noir.



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