Destiny - Chapter 6 : Fresh and Fury.

Aadhya continues..
"See I told you about a surprise right? She is my friend Shilpa. And he is Mr. Perfect - Gautam".

On sensing the gravity of the situation Shilpa managed to smile a bit with a simple "Hello". Gautam Nodded in response.

Aadhya felt the missing surprise factor and was curious to know what the matter was.

"Do you guys know each other?" asked Aadhya pointing to the silent Shilpa and dumbstruck Gautam.

"Aadhya, I have to leave , got an urgent deliverable to be completed." - said Gautam in hasty and left gobbling up a glass of water.

"Aadhya, can we have some fresh hot lemon tea?". "Order two of them please." said Shilpa to the waiter who approached the table.

"No make one of hot espresso" Aadhya intervened.

"For God's sake tell me what is going on. I need some explanation. Kill the news Shilpa." she pleaded.

"Aadhya, Gautam is a married Man.He is my colleague Shalini's husband. Shalini is in India at the moment. She is on a maternity leave for 6 months. I cannot believe my eyes. Gautam and you. "

"What are you saying? Are you in some sense by the way? Gautam is not married. No he is not married. He cannot be" Aadhya felt something which was inexplicable.

"Look Aadhya, Gautam's marriage with Shalini was against his parents wish but he still went ahead marrying her. Mayank and I were witnesses from Shalini's end. I myself am completely in a state of shock. I dont know if I need to tell anymore. Be calm and safe. Hope you come over with this very soon." says Shilpa holding the shivering hands of Aadhya.

"Madam here is your hot lemon tea and your hot Espresso. Just like the way you like them. " Waiter placed the tray with the two drinks on their table.

Aadhya broke into tears. Her celebrations were ruined.

Aadhya was shattered to pieces on facing the real world and its hard to believe reality. She did not give up, she worked hard towards her goals.

Story on Gautam's end:

Shilpa recieved a message from Gautam that day:
Shilpa, Am really sorry.
I should not have cheated
your friends.Please do not
spoil my marriage with
Shalini. I love her and
will do till I die.
I am guilty of my deeds.

Shilpa responded:
But what about Aadhya?
However I will take care
of her , you need not worry.
Do not expect forgiveness
from me, you rogue.

Shilpa encouraged Aadhya in her work. Shilpa spent time over the weekends capturing some classic photos for the journals Aadhya was working on. Aadhya got recognized in the Media industry and she was awarded the most prestigious "Author of the year" for her Book "Complicated youth" she wrote targetting the youth and their charms.

Shilpa and Mayank moved back to Delhi for good.

Gautam had vanished from Aadhya's memories until she sipped the hot espresso on Table 8. Today Aadhya sits in the cafe waiting for that Mr. Perfect who would shower geniune love on her.

Continuing the rants in her digital diary.
28th November 5:10PM - "The encounter of the Tall espresso"
Slipped into a thought stream. Fresh and rejuvenated for a new tomorrow.
I have started, walking with my dreams. Waiting for a new dream to be fulfilled.

Signing off

She picked her bag and moved on.

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Destiny - Chapter 5: Sweet Little Journey.

Aadhya picked her phone and re-dialled the last number. Yes it was Gautam. They had got closer from friends to buddies and now madly in love with each other.

"Guess What?" in a high exclamation

"Tell me what is it Aadhya?"

"I have a job and I need to start work this Monday at the Blair's."

"That is a wonderful news. Lets celebrate over at the coffee bar. Come over at 5 and I'll pick you up from Market area."

"Sounds great.I'll be there. See you soon."

Aadhya is waiting in front of Maria Bakers. She is all excited about the new job. Shilpa was returning home after the days work and she spots Aadhya on the other side of the road. Shilpa crossed at the junction and waved her hand signalling from this side to that. Aadhya was so happy to see her friend. She hugged her and revealed the news of the new job.

"Hey Shilpa, I have been offered a job at the Blair's Publications.I was about to call you after your work time. It is great to meet you here."

"Wow! That is a very good news. I am so happy for you. This demands a party."

"Shilpa, do you mind joining us over the celebration?"

"Us? Who else are you partying with?"

"Oh I completely forgot to tell you about Gautam. Remember the gentleman I spoke about. I met him at the airport. We are going great together. It would be nice if Mayank can join in too."

"Hmmm Mayank is busy till late in the night. I will hang out with you guys. I need to check on your Mr. Perfect right.." Giggles.

Aadhya spots a message on her cell phone.
Delivered from Gautam.
Hey, I got a little late.
Can you please take a cab
to the cross-section of
pike and 4th Avenue.

Table 8, CoffeeShop
around the corner.

Response to Gautam:
Sure Honey.
Wait for a surprise!

Shilpa accompanied Aadhya and they reached the venue in about 10 minutes. They walk into the coffeeshop. Aadhya spots Table 8 and sees Gautam busy with a magazine. She runs to him and Shilpa follows. "Hello Aadhyaaa.." And he goes blank as his eyes fell on Shilpa.

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Destiny - Chapter 4: Unexpected and More

Shilpa helped Aadhya find an apartment studio that best fit her requirements. Aadhya got acquainted to the new home and the new environment. She met Gautam at the famous Indian grocery store one fine day. She actually bumped into him when she was moving towards the cash counter.

"Hey Ms. Aadhya. How are you doing?"

"Oh am Sorry.. Ga...Gautam(With a surprise). "

"Yes Gautam. Glad you remember me and my name"

"That day I could not thank you enough and before I turned to bid a bye you were gone."

"Oh yeah I got a call from my manager and before I could answer it and return you had left."

"Well I am doing good. How is your work, targets and what not?"

"Hhhh! Work never going to end. I am quite happy by the way it is getting these days. Things are way better and more streamlined. Leave that alone. Tell me if you've found some offers. What's going on at your end?"

"Gautam, you pretty well know that I am not from this IT world and the opportunities in the career path I have chosen is not high in numbers. But I've managed to bag a few interview calls. Will have to wait and see."

"Let me know if you need any sort of help. This is my card. Feel free to call if you need some company."


January 8th
"In white snow I walk the path,
knowing no destiny or where to start
Here I am to make a name
And raise to some known fame"

Aadhya spilled her heart into her Biba. As she thought of signing off from the Laptop that evening her phone rang. The number was new. She answered " Aadhya speaking,May I know who is on the line?"

"Ms Aadhya, I'm Clarie, Clarie Joseph from the Blair's. The company is ready to hire you for the post you applied for. Will you be okay to join us from next Monday?".

"Oh yeah! Monday is fine. Infact that is perfect. And thanks so much Ms. Clarie. "

"See you on Monday then . Sharp 8:30 am. Mr.Pitt is very particular about time"

"That shouldn't be a problem. Have a good one."

"And now I know where to start,
In search of my destiny though....."

She added these lines as she shut down the system for the day.

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Destiny - Chapter 3: Friends meet.

Shilpa, a chirpy bubbly girl from Delhi - the same city as of Aadhya, was presently working at the "Bank of West" after her arrival in the States. She got married a year ago to Mayank Bhansal, a so called rich MNC employee and had immediately joined him after the rituals. After Shilpa came and settled in Chicago, she continued to be in contact with her close friend Aadhya. In a way it was Shilpa who helped Aadhya gain confidence in herself and come over to the states for a better career.

"Helloooo Aadhyaaa. Finally you decided to fly down here. Feels so good to meet you after such a long time. Hope you had no problems and your baggage is allright. By the way Mayank was about to join but you know these service oriented companies and their deadlines..." Excited Shilpa said in a single shot.

"Hi Shilpa. Very nice to meet you too. I had a safe journey and everything was smooth and clear especially with the help offered by Mr. Gautam"

As Aadhya turned to point to this gentleman who helped her all this while, he was gone.

"Who did you say it was? Mr. Gautam??

"Yes, He introduced himself to be Gautam. Probably he had to leave. Anyway can we go home. I need some fresh hot stew. Feeling damn hungry"

"Were you not served with food on the plane lady"

"Oh it was so filthy sickening that I almost puked over the plate."

The next yellow cab in line was theirs and Shilpa gives out her address.

"Ok hurry, Bay 5 , Lane NE 6th , SnowPark Apartments"

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Destiny - Chapter 2: Gentleman offers help

Almost an year ago, when Aadhya left to US after completing her post graduation in Mass Media and Communications from a reputed college of Arts - Pune, little did she know about the future that was in store for her. She had a very charming and attractive personality. She excelled in her studies too.

October 27th , the evening she landed in Chicago is the day that remains bold and clear in her memory.

In the baggage counter she stood wearing an anxious look. Her bright eyes were searching the two huge suitcases. Her mom had packed them with all sorts of eateries which consumed more space and weight than Aadhya's clothes or other essentials. She was nervous yet tried to portray the calm and confident self.

"First visit to the states ?" came a gentle voice from behind. Startled at the question, Aadhya shook her head to respond in a "YES."

"Well I am Gautam Choudary. I guess that was a Yes. No need to panic. Customs check is just a formality. I was afraid the first time I came here 5 years ago on a job assignment. But now I am a regular. Mam..."

"I am Aadhya.. Aadhya Shukla."

"Lovely name. Aadhya, by the way I have my bags here. Let me know once you find yours. So we can move towards customs"

"Oh that is really nice of you. I think I can manage. Please carry on Gautam."

"It is absolutely fine. I am in no hurry. I can afford some wait"

"There they are .. the mighty red ones with a label "Aadhya - Delhi" on them.

Gautam worked in one of those top notch MNC's. He was returning to US after having paid a visit home back in Jaipur. His parents were looking out for a perfect bride for their only son, who lived miles away from them. He had seen a series of girls' photos, shortlisted and met a few of them over tea or lunch. None seem to please them - Its a "NO" from either him or his parents. Gautam had burnt his entire vacation time on this "bride search programme" and was left with no option but to rush back to US and resume duty.

"These two bags are pretty heavy Aadhya.Trolleys might be of some help".

"Thank you very much"

Pushing the trolley as they walk down the aisle,

"So what brings you here? Job or Masters?" he asked.

"Job and Masters ". She smiles.

"Oh! if I've got it right, you are here to make some money so that you can pursue your higher education."

"Aaahmmm! Something like that."

In the queue they wait.

"Next in Queue to Counter 3 please" , the officer from Counter 3 made it through the microphone.

Gautam asked Aadhya to go to Counter 3. A branded set of 4 questions and it was done.

Aadhya waited for Gautam to finish his routine so that she could pay him a formal Thank you filled with gratitude before she could leave.

A couple more minutes and...

"Thanks Gautam for all your help. It was nice meeting you!"

"Oh!! its okay. And no formalities please. Any friends here to help you out with the initial stay and .."

"Hmmm Yeah I have a friend, Shilpa and she is gonna be here any moment now."

"Shilpa? "

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Destiny - Chapter 1: Icy Winter.

Late November, Chicago.

That evening was freakingly cold, winds were really gusty making a cold day feel even colder. Naked trees and frosted leaves , the signature of nature that marks the winter, was here. Sleety weather was in full swing with flakes of snow drifting down in a pace of its own, forming a layer of about a foot high or even more in some areas. After a tiring day at work, Aadhya headed towards the metro station. She took the same route since 6 months, after having joined the firm that hired her as a print media specialist. Enroute, as she walked past the coffeeshop at the cross-section of Pike and 4th Avenue, the aroma stopped her from moving any further.

She couldn't resist the hot espresso and forced herself into the cafe. Aadhya ordered her all time favourite on the menu - "A tall espresso Please!". As she wiat at the counter her sight moved to an empty table at the corner of the lounge. "Your espresso M'am, Cream on to your right please" - came a voice from the other side of the counter.

Aadhya picked the coffee, walked to the empty table and placed the bag by her side. She opened up her only companion in the city - Biba [Oh thats what she called her Mac book]. Logged onto her digital diary, typed in "28th November 5:10PM - The encounter of the Tall espresso". Pausing the act of typing keys, as she sipped her espresso, thoughts of her first visit to the cafe unwind...

Next Part

Just for smiles(1)!

This one is doing rounds on FB. Liked the creativity so much that I could not stop myself from putting it down here. [Creator : Unknown.]

Gandhiji's attire on a 10 rupee note can be so delicately changed to match the season. I never thought about it.

Just for smiles! Here's the look.

Weekend eat out!

Saturday evening it was. My sis had mentioned a new European Cuisine outlet about a kilometer distance from our place. We had plans of visiting this restaurant a week before but had to forego the plan for the "Pizza hut" demands :)

Okay this saturday the trio - Sis , me and my cousin gave it quits to the food prepared at home and headed for the munching at the Euro-Restaurant.

Dont ask me about the experience. It was an unpleasant one. I dont want to comment any further. But I cant let go my furious self otherwise. The reastaurant looked quite spacious [We later noticed it was not spacious but empty except for a few college buddies hanging out in a corner].

We were talking about the feeling of an isolated area only to be startled by the waiter's soft voice who placed the menu cards on the table and left us to decide on our choice of platter. [he kind of forgot about us until we reminded him of our existence with a waving hand]

Bruschetta - totally italian for a starter was what I suggested. I had tasted them while I was in the states. Bruschetta with tomato and black olive was the selection.Not bad in taste except for a high note on the sour buds. Next for some veggies, Sis pointed to the Vegetables tossed in Honey and mustard. - This was a disaster. It was literally an overdosage of mustard paste in the veggies. Sodas were nothing but coloured water with a hint of CO2. Only hope was on the last item ordered - The White pepper sause Pasta!! Phew! Finally was happy to get something
that tastes familiar.

Service is a very low on the scale. With all new guys doing the waiter jobs, you need to proactively ask for anything you need. I would also call them stingy - hmmm you may not get an extra plate ,fork or spoon until you explicitly ask for them.

After making our ways out of this grumpy place, we walked to a nearby vada pav joint, happily ate few new varities of vada pav , reached home with glee faces. I am sure without these vada pavs, the "Weekend eat-out" would have been a complete mess.

February 2012 Calendar shot!

A fresh February is already here!
Did you know February is also known as Chocolate month! Yumm yumm yummmy!
Full moon of February is known as the wolf moon.

The calendar shot for February 2012:

Location of Click: Bangalore
Camera Settings:
ISO: 400
Exposure: 1/40 sec
Aperture: 5.0
Focal Length: 135mm
Flash Used: No


A couple of months ago I had posted a comment on a photo clicked by a blog friend Siddeshwar from Life at Dharwad and here is what it said in Kannada:
The link to the post is Leaves

ಚಿಗುರೊಡೆದು ಎದ್ದಿರುವ ನೀ ಹಸಿರೆಲೆಯೆ
ನಿನ್ನೊಂದಿಗೆ ಬಂದು ಸೇರುವ ನಿನ್ನವನೆಲ್ಲೇ ?
ಎಳೆ ಹಸುಳೆಯಲ್ಲ ನೀನಿನ್ನು
ಮಳೆಯಲ್ಲಿ ನಲಿದಾಡುವ ಆಸೆ ಬಂತೇನು
ಬಾನೆಡೆಗೆ ತಲೆ ಹಾಕಿ
ನೆಟ್ಟಗೆ ನಿಂತಿರುವೆ ನೀ ಏಕೆ?
ಮುನಿಸೆ ? ಏಕೆ ಎಲೆಯೇ
ನಿನ್ನವ ಬರಲೊಲ್ಲನೆ೦ದನೆ ?
ಬರಲಿ ಬಾರದಿರಲಿ
ನಿನ್ನ ನಗು ಮಾಸದಿರಲಿ
ಸದಾ ಹೀಗೆ ಇರಲಿ
ನಿನ್ನ ಹುರುಪು ಎದೆಯಲ್ಲಿ

Gist: I am talking to the leaf that is proud of its youth.
As you sprout and grow strong, you indulge in a feeling of loneliness. Is it the same case with you dear green leaf? Whatever may come please keep the smiles , stand high and be cheerful.



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