Cent Story 6: Innocent Request

Mittoo was more than a friend to Krish, the 8 old boy and a loyal pet to his owner Rajat, the Magician. Krish lived in a fantasy world, a world where everything was magical around him. 

There comes an end to all living beings, and Mittoo was not spared either. He breathed his last on the way to the veterinary hospital. Krish did not understand that Mittoo had left them.Krish pestered his Magician dad and cried “Dad, use your magical powers and bring back Mittoo to me". Rajat had no words to console his sons agony.

People and Novels

Its pleasant to be meeting people with varied tastes. That way you get to know about the diversity around
you, be it in terms of food, culture and religion.

While I begin the post with this note, its not what exactly that I intend to share. I may touch upon a couple of things but nothing intentional.

The creative juices flowing out of my brain in the past few weeks have not found a medium to be inscribed on. Its not that I got lazy, not complaining of time attack, just that I've been thinking and over thinking about various stuff. A lot on my radar - definitely not sure about the area to focus on, hence the over thinking to narrow down on the thoughts.

Sudha Murthy's "House of cards" was quick good read. It had to it the aspects of the life, a lovely story line
that kept me thinking for a long time even though I finished the 200 odd pages in a single read. Story is set in
different parts of Karnataka, talks more of the relationships and family ties.  Life of a young girl Mridula, her
simple attitude towards life, the bonding she shares with every individual - Classically potrayed.

I have been travelling in public transport for the last few months. Its a fun ride both sides, the jam packed mornings and the tiring painful evenings - each day has its own stories to unfold.

A scene from the calm cold mornings - joggers in the park, the lazy dog still deciding to wake up, the birds chirping, steaming hot idlis and a cup of filter coffee from the vendor at the corner of the road, the half filled-half empty buses, kids in school uniforms neatly pressed, a newspaper boy stopping at each door throwing the newspaper to their respective owners...... and many more such beautiful stuff that my eyes watch out for.

The crowded buses in the evenings carrying all the tired souls back home to a place they can rest to start a next day fresh and full of life is a sight to watch. Every commuter has a story in them. I have started analyzing the pattern of people , their behaviour and by now I kind of judge the person within 5 minutes of looking at his/her actions. I can say my judgement is about 91.32434343453% accurate.Don't ask me how I arrived at the figure. :)

Amidst all this I managed to read a couple of Kannada Novels - "Priyathama" by Endumuri and "Hasivu" by MK Indira. These writers are truly inspiring. The stories are simple and talks about social strata, how one gets deceived in life, the real ups and downs an individual face in the social system created by man himself. The simple characters full of life takes it to an entirely different level.

CentStory 5: Realization

Jan 2nd 20XX:

The manager called him to inform about a conference meeting to start in about 5 minutes. Karan was busy with code peer-review. He could not deny his boss either. Jumped to the conference meeting only to realize he has been fired of policy infringement. On demanding an elaborate meeting to discuss further, he was cut short stating – “You consume alcohol during office hours.  Have to take this step for betterment of your team and the organization”.

Karan had promised his wife the night before to give up on this habit of his, but it was late.



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