Expensive weddings or expensive Brides?

Girls are expensive.

Is this a familiar jargon? Till date giving birth to a girl baby is considered a curse in many places around the world. And now they are considered to be expensive. LOL. Yesterday happened to hear one dad, whose daughter is all grown up, say "oh no these daughters are really a great deal, costly and over the top" . I simply smiled away. He continued to the lady at the counter" madam, my daughter's wedding is fixed. " Madam with enthusiasm replied " wow! That's great news, where's the groom from? ". Dad with all pride replied " From the USA".

I smiled again.

And then he said " But dear, marriages have been a costly affair then and now , however my daughter is even more expensive. The beautician cost is about a lakh rupees and hell with those candid photographers. They need 2.5 lakhs for full coverage. "

I smiled again but this time replied " Sir, the beautician and the photographers also need to lead their lives. " All those nerdy looks fell upon me and almost ready to pounce back with all possible responses.

One gentleman said " well said young lady" that cut the awkwardness in air. Probably he was the only one who got my point.

On a lighter note the dad continued " my daughter said she needs me to give in  writing if am unable to fulfill her dreams and she'd keep that note as a momento. "

All of us laughed.

This small incident has so much to talk and discuss about today's weddings.

Bring it on.. What's your thoughts?



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