Life ~ its Ups and Downs - Part 1

Shyam walked into the veranda and sat on the comfortable chair that had been his companion since his childhood. He had spent most of his student life sitting on this wooden chair, specially crafted by his grandfather. Today as he sat there holding a magazine in his hand his thoughts curled down into one of those days when he was holding his history text book. The door in front was left open to let fresh air from the lush green bushes fill in. Perfume of the Parijatha flowers that was about to bloom that night, lingered all over the veranda.

Kaveri came in and held out her hand to offer a brass cup of foam lathered filter kaapi filled right upto the brim. It was piping hot, so she held it with the end of her saree pallu. Shyam had taken the coffee from her hand as usual but his gaze was still fixed on the road that was opposite his chair. Kaveri went about her usual rant of the overdue bills in the household. She mentioned "Ranganna had come home today asking for the money we owe him. He wants it to be cleared by tomorrow", she said with a frown as she sat down on the wooden slab placed on the floor. She continued " see we need to buy ration next week, also the milkman will have to be paid. Since you've not got your payment this month how will we manage?".

Shyam still remained in his own thoughts sipping down the coffee. Shyam worked as a clerk in a local bank in his town. The bank was not doing good in terms of business and so there was a merger being planned with the big names in the industry. His job was at stake and the staff had not been paid salaries for the last two months.However they had been promised of job continuity after the merger. The families had to deal with no payments for the next two months or more, exactly till the merger is official and the staff had been moved to the new firm's payroll. It was matter of time, however there were many like Shyam who kind of lived paycheck to paycheck.

Kaveri said " Tonight I'll make lemon rasam. The lemon tree in the backyard has given us few lemons this season." Shyam came back to present when he heard about the lemons. It was his dad who had planted the lemon tree in the backyard about a decade ago and it had been fruiting since then every year. Shyam loved the rasam Kaveri made with those juicy lemons. Immediately the frown on his face faded and a smile landed on his lips.

Stay home! Let's fight this together.

Wish I had something to say on this day to the cray cray world at the moment. Something that can ease out those worried brows and pain filled souls who are seeing their dear ones suffer. But no, I've nothing that can be done at the moment but sit back home and pray for that ray of light to be back on mankind. We'd all fight it together, patience is the remedy until the real one is found.

Stay home! Be safe everyone!

Retrospecting a days work!

I lay back on my bed late in the night thinking of the day that's gone by.
There is much more to it than I could write down. I retrospect each activity I've dealt with and how could I have bettered myself to excel in each of them. It's a goal I set to myself so that I wake up a better person with each passing day. Let me give you an example for more clarity. A set of clothes lie in my closet which I intend to repair. I make an attempt to sort and keep them ready for repair. Well according to you that might be a "Job well done". Sure, I have progressed on that note, however I could actually finish repair of a couple of them today instead of watching some idiotic TV soap :)
Ok maybe that's a little too much to ask for. I may better go back watch a few youtube videos before I get busted. How do you deal with situations as these?
* Exam next day vs your favorite kahani showbiz on TV.
* Project deadline vs blockbuster movie time.

Well I've been through them and I'm sure by now you'd be able to guess my take.. Yeah of course the latter ones. How could I miss my favorite Ghar ghar ki roz ki kahani, and I know Aamir khan and Taare zameen par .. irresistible !

I haven't changed a bit, even today my genes gets attracted to TV/online shows though I'd try to resist. However am in the odds of making an attempt in scrutinizing the timelines for this passtime activity. Let's see how it turns out on me.


ಒ0ದೇ ನೋಟ‌ದಿ0ದ‌
ಅನುರಾಗ‌ ಅರ‌ಳಿತು
ಮ‌ನ‌ದ‌ಲ್ಲಿ ಸ‌0ಗೀತ‌ದ‌
ಸ‌ರಿಗ‌ಮ‌ ನುಡಿಯಿತು

ಮಿ0ಚಿನ‌ ವೇಗ‌ದ‌ಲ್ಲಿ
ತಾಕಿತು ಅವ‌ಳ‌ ನ‌ಗು
ನ‌ನ್ನೆದೆ ಕ‌ರ‌ಗಿತು

ಆನ‌0ದ‌ ಬಾಶ್ಪ‌
ವ‌ಜ್ರ‌ದ‌0ತ‌ಹ‌ ಅವಳ‌ ತೀಕ್ಷ್ಣ‌ ಕ‌ಣ್ಣ‌ಲಿ
ಮಾತೆ ಹೊರ‌ಡ‌ದು
ಗ‌ರ‌ ಬ‌ಡಿದ‌0ತಿದ್ದ‌ ನ‌ನ್ನ‌ ನಾಲ‌ಗೆಯ‌ಲಿ

ನುಡಿದ‌ವು ಹ್ರುದ‌ಯ‌ಗ‌ಳು
ಪ್ರೇಮ‌ದ‌ ಭಾಷೆಯ‌ಲಿ
ತೇಲಿ ಹೋದೆವು
ಸ‌ಮಾಗ‌ಮ‌ದ‌ ಅಲೆಯ‌ಲಿ

Welcome 2019, and a life update blog post.

Welcome 2019!

First and foremost - Happy new year to all the folks who keep visiting this space now and then.

I know I am late by 9 days. There has been and is a lot going on at my end which makes the reason for me being out of action all this while.

But 2019 is going to be the year of my come back on blogging.  I'm gearing up with all my strength , filling in the loop holes to bring out really good content and keep you entertained throughout. Hope you'll be there to cheer me up while am at a writers block , support me through this new chapter as you've always done before.

So I'll be ending this short update blog right here.

Drop in suggestions on what you'd love to read here next.


ಜೀವ‌ನ -2


ಮ‌ಲೆನಾಡ‌ ಹ‌ಸಿರ‌ಲಿ
ಅಡಿಕೆಯ‌ ಹಾಸಿನ‌ಲಿ
ಸುಖ‌ವ‌ ನಾ ಕ‌0ಡೆ

ಏಲ‌ಕ್ಕಿಯ‌ ಪ‌ರಿಮ‌ಳ‌ದ‌
ಅರಶಿನ‌ದೆಲೆಯ‌ ಪಾಯ‌ಸ‌ವ‌
ರುಚಿಯ‌ ಅರ್ಥ‌ವ‌ ನಾ ಕ‌0ಡೆ

ಸ0ಜೆಯ‌ ಹೊತ್ತಿನ‌ಲಿ
ದೇವ‌ರ‌ ಮ‌0ದಿರ‌ದಿ
ಜ‌ಪ‌ತ‌ಪ‌ದ‌ ಕ‌ಲ‌ರ‌ವ‌ ಕೇಳುತ‌
ಭ‌ಕ್ತಿಯ‌ ಪ‌ರಿ ನಾ ಕ‌0ಡೆ

ರಾತ್ರಿಯ‌ ಆಗ‌ಸ‌ದಿ
ಶುಭ್ರ‌ ಚ‌0ದಿರ‌ನ‌ ಬೆಳ‌ದಿ0ಗ‌ಳ‌
ಜೀವ‌ನ‌ದ‌ ದುಖ‌ಗ‌ಳ‌ನೆಲ್ಲಾ ನಾ ಮ‌ರೆತೆ

Need you!

A heart in pain craves for love
There ain't anything that'll please me now
Laughter or cries, either would do
I bend and plead,
will stay put till I succeed
Its no game of win or loose
I care no prick , no bruise

I need you for not me,
but my soul

PS: This was written about a decade ago.. Was buried somewhere. Found it. And thought of sharing with you all.

Relaxing vs Being mom

As I sit to relax in the parlor giving my legs in the experienced hands of a beautician, my mind loiters around various stuff.

One morning I woke up to say that I need to relax today, but now that am a mom , it's a thing of the past. My mornings starts with the cuddling of the little champ in my life, the monster , the turtle and the everything one can think of.. He is it.

And then I hit the floor doing the usual chores with the tiny feet following me everywhere mine go to.

And this continues till the time he goes to bed. In a nut shell there's absolutely no room for relaxing.

I wonder how these younger moms of today manage to move out and keep a track on their fitness, their family. I guess they have surrendered themselves to the bai/maid and rely on them for all the chores at home.

As these thoughts jinxed my head I was jolted by the parlor lady who asked me to soak my feet in the tub filled with luke warm water.



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