Relaxing vs Being mom

As I sit to relax in the parlor giving my legs in the experienced hands of a beautician, my mind loiters around various stuff.

One morning I woke up to say that I need to relax today, but now that am a mom , it's a thing of the past. My mornings starts with the cuddling of the little champ in my life, the monster , the turtle and the everything one can think of.. He is it.

And then I hit the floor doing the usual chores with the tiny feet following me everywhere mine go to.

And this continues till the time he goes to bed. In a nut shell there's absolutely no room for relaxing.

I wonder how these younger moms of today manage to move out and keep a track on their fitness, their family. I guess they have surrendered themselves to the bai/maid and rely on them for all the chores at home.

As these thoughts jinxed my head I was jolted by the parlor lady who asked me to soak my feet in the tub filled with luke warm water.



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