Movie maniacs!

Can anyone beat the Movie-4 challenge ? This was a target set by my cousin and myself long ago. Years have rolled by but we illustrate this achievement of ours very proudly whenever someone says he/she has just comeout from a movie marathon.

How did this all start ? Well when I entered my 10th standard - board exams around the corner,there was a kannada movie of this hero named Ramesh Arvind - the then super hero of industry. It was "Antargami" - a story about a girl and her psychological illness. I am not sure why did I ever make it to that movie inspite of my preparatory exams falling the upcoming week. Cousin,her mom(Aunt) and myself had ended up there on a saturday matinee show. Mom had not watched the movie in which my cousin had acted and so she walked into the neighboring theatre where the show was on.The shows ended at around 1:15pm I guess and we still had time to make it for the classique - "Dil toh pagal hai". This was our actual movie plan. But when aunt and mom also planned to join us we accomodated the change.

Seeing off mom and aunt in an auto we headed towards Majestic (city area in Bangalore) where the Hindi movie was running full house since weeks then. Shah Rukh Khan on the lead with Madhuri Dixit and Karishma Kapoor played magic on screen. Luckily on reaching the venue I ran to the ticket issue box and bought 2 tickets of the very few left for the show while Cousin popped the vehicle into the parking stand. Hurried to the screen and found that the trailers were still on. Thanks to my cousin's HeroPuch ride, we did not miss the title song. I still remember the way Madhuri and Sharukh were introduced in the movie. The "Ek dujhe keliye" song - the bond between the couples of various ages irrespective of the caste, creed , profession and socio-economic position. The movie had a couple of twists and then with the final drama ending in a positive note kept us both smiling all the way out of the dark theatre room.

This was the phenomenon of 2 movies one single day:) On the way back that evening - enjoyed a plate of roadside Pani puri and Masala puri. Though initially reluctant due to the pending exams, I had to give in for the haunting aroma of the spices.

After about 6 years from the 2 movie target, we were on the next marathon.We planned on wastching 4 movies in a single day - all in different theaters (this was a time when there were no multiplexes in the city). Intersting and adventurous it sounds and it was indeed truely one awesome experience. No wonder I had a small headache at the end of it:)

Though the idea was to watch multiple movies we did not check on what to be watched, however the list of movies we ended up with:

Bisi Bisi - ಕನ್ನಡ Movie Starring Anu Prabhakar and Ramesh ArvindKhakhee - हिंदी Movie Starring Akshay Kumar , Aishwarya Rai and Big B
Jaago - हिंदी Movie starring Sanjay Dutt and Raveena Tandon
Swathi Muthu - ಕನ್ನಡ movie Starring Sudeep and Meena

Each one had its own essence and thrilled us every bit. My favourite - last one - Swathi Muthu - though its a remake of the famous Kamal Hassan's "Swathi muthyam", Sudeep has given his complete performance in this role.

So that is how Mad we get with movies at times.

Recently we have had some bad experiences watching really crappy movies and burnt the holes in our pockets mainly because we watched them in a multiplex. I have decided to watch the next movie only when it gets a good review from the people I know and I would not rely upon the newspapers which simply hype the movie, rating them 3's and 4's when their standard is way below rating 2.


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