Meri yaar ki shaadi hai!

After the ups and downs seen in life "My pal" is going to see some light flow her way today. Yes that's when she says "I do". I should have been by her side now, but I guess she understands the work world I am in is not allowing me to do so. Anyhow I pray silently here for the best to be hers always.

I've known her from years now and she has managed to fight all that's come her way. I've learnt to be strong and to grow the way she does. She has been an inspiration for most of my highs. I've come out of flying colors - I attribute major credit to her. As I start writing this, my memory goes back to the days when we studied for the exams and the internals together, Oh no! forget about the nightmares but the way we shared the knowledge was fun. 2 years of initial introduction phase in the pre degree college and a whole stretch of 4 years has left behind bunch of memories to be revived and relived, every now and then, to bring the smiles back on faces.

Its been a while that we are all not living in the same city, go damn the city not even living in the same country.(Various needs and priorities made us walk the places we are now at) But our bonding is yet unique. We might not talk for ages, but then when we do, we gossip of all the things possible on earth. Busy lifestyle does take our precious time away but cannot snatch the bond shared between each one of us.

Now if I continue, without mentioning a few more friends and their contribution, its just not done. Hey Babes I love you all and am sure everyone's wishing the same for "The wedding" thats happening today!

Note:There is a lot to be said about each one of you but will do that in a separate post (not sure when but will definitely do!)

In a dilemma of whether to post or not. But could'nt resist. Decided on posting this!

- Ashwini

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