Fancy with Cards, Face the music one day!

This happened yesterday afternoon when a colleague sitting next to my desk dialled a number on the landline AND....

(I could hear what this Colleague XYZ was speaking of, however the dialogues from the other end is assumption thats been made based on the context. My intent was not to overhear the conversation. I had just then returned from the pantry with a cup of hot cappuccino in my hand and while sipping it away,each word delicately slipped into my ears. It wasn't intentional at all! )

The conversation started off like this.

Colleague : "Hello , this is XYZ calling and I hold a credit card from your bank"
Bank rep: "Hi XYZ, This is MNP , how could I help you with that?"
Colleague : "Actually I have this card with me from about 2 years now and I have not used it at all. I want to close this card"
Bank rep: "Sure sir, could you please hold on for a minute ?"
Colleague : "yeah!" : His face goes straight when the music is set on the reciever.

After about 2 minutes they go again...

Bank rep: " Sir , could you please tell me your card number?"
Colleague: "Err Hmm (Looking into the card he goes 3 numbers at a time)... 1234 2345 4567 7689 "
Bank Rep: " Well sir I repeat the number ....7689. Is that right?"
Colleague: " Yes"
Bank Rep: "Okay sir I am bringing up your transaction summary for verification"
Colleague: "I have made none and I dont want to have this card open. Can we get it cancelled please.."
Bank Rep: "Its a procedure sir, sure! Can you tell me the address for verification?"

Colleague's gone for a toss on this question as he does not remember where he had lived when he applied for this card. He was a bachelor then and had been shifting residence quite often. So there he goes with the first guess..

Colleague: " Hmmm , It should be 123, 4th Main...."
Bank Rep: Cuts him short " Sorry sir , I am afraid that isn't the address on our records, can you please recall the correct address? We cannot process until thats verified."
Colleague: Whoa! Am Stumped! Churning his memory hard he says " Is it something thats from JP Nagar or is it the one from Bannerghatta?"

This was a good deal. Getting the clue.. Bank Rep was probably not a short tempered guy and he prompted it to be the one from Bannerghatta.Colleague was clear on the address now and gave the exact details in a go.

Bank rep: " Thanks Sir, We need to verify your contact number? "
Colleague: Now thats difficult than the previous one. "It was... 2 years ago right.. hmmm was it 99XXX90120?"
Bank rep: "Oops not the right one!"
Colleague: "Then it should be 984XXXX671"
Bank rep: "Yes thats correct, your card will be cancelled and the final statement will be sent across to the email id on our records."
Colleague: "What id do you have ?? "
Bank Rep: "Sir it is"
Colleague: "Hey that is my previous company official id? Could you please have it routed to my personal email ?"
Bank Rep: " That has another procedure Sir, you will have to raise another request. okay here is what I can do, I will request for your change in email id first and then for the cancellation of the card. I think it works that way"
Colleague: "Thanks a lot , How long would this entire thing take to be processed?"
Bank Rep: "About 7 working days sir, Is there anything else that I can help you with sir?"
Colleague: " No thanks"

Colleague places the receiver down and heaves a sigh of relief.
He turns around makes this statement which brought a smile on all of us sitting there: "Its Easy to get these credit cards and its so fancy to carry them around when we start with our jobs, but maintaining them and cancelling them when not needed is such a big task. My god I have to repeat this whole thing with 2 more cards I have not been using "


How many of you have been through such a mess?


Spicy Sweet said...

Credit cards - Is a big matrix which will pull us in. Better to be out of it.
Why cant we be happy with what we have?

A said...

Oh my god. This happens to me also. Several times. So real. :))))

Funny but irritating when happening to oneself.

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/Ashwini said...

@Spicy Sweet: Absolutely right!! when you know you would end up with a mess better to be out of it.

@A : True , it really seems funny but the process of getting the card cancelled is a cumbersome process on the whole.

Anonymous said...

At one time, I had so many credit cards that I could make a necklace out of it and present my gf :)


ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/Ashwini said...

@Mahesh: I like the thought of necklace of the cards:)

ಪ್ರದೀಪ್ said...

good one.. very funny

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/Ashwini said...

@Pradeep : Thank you!

kavita said...

Lolz .I am glad that the cards come with a validity period.I enjoy my coming here Ashwini,you write beautiful post.:)

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/Ashwini said...

@ Kavita: Thanks for stopping by and yeah I agree - good that we have expiry dates on the cards..



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