Matrimonial laugh.....

A friend of mine has been a keen observer when it comes to computers and technology. Today afternoon he told me something about his observations, which usually goes unnoticed by majority of us, but indeed he was cent percent true - so is this post up here in my blog.

This funny friend turns around states aloud : " When they can't find a right suitable match for this girl for more than a year now, how can they find one for me????". We were all as confused as you are at this point of time.

How many of us give attention to those tiny pop ups that pops up on our computer screen when we open up a browser for searching a piece of code, or to watch something online, or to connect with the social friends or something different. Everyone would have come across the advertisement sections in most of the pages we browse, but we give little or negative attention to these details. However this Gentleman, a friend of mine , about an year ago opened up Yahoo homepage and guess what attracted him at the first look- it was this photo of a beautiful 21 yr old homely looking girl - it was an add for one of the renowned matrimonial sites in India. He opened up the homepage again today and to his surprise he sees the same beautiful girl's photo and the addvertisement was for the same matrimonial site.

Now the following statement makes sense right : " When they can't find a right suitable match for this girl for more than a year now, how can they find one for me????"

All out there had a hearty laugh on hearing this. :D

I thought of making this bit a little more lighter and added some spice - I directed him to send his suggestion to the "Contact Us " column in the site ,to change the photos on the site regularly so that the users start believing in them. His witty answer "Madam , I can ask them to put my photo instead, right??" . Saying this, winked his eye to the guy next to him.

Whoa! what a thought sirji!

Such small bits of laughter makes the team strong and help in getting things go smoother than ever.

Agree ?


Spicy Sweet said...

Ha Ha! That was really witty!
Good that you shared the light moment. Brought a smile on my face.

A said...

Really funny. But these ads are not limited to computer. Bill boards also keep using same model :))))

But it is so easy to change on computer...why not.

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/Ashwini said...

@Spicy sweet: Its my pleasure! I feel lucky to be among such witty ones.. ha ha:)

@ A: Yeah you're right we can have them changed easily on computer but not sure why they dont do it..
Anyway it was a reason to bring smile though :):)

kavita said...

Funny and yes it brought a smile on my face too.
Keep blogging :)

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/Ashwini said...

@Kavita : Thank you!

Haddock said...

I too have wondered about the same thing many times and have thought "what still unmarried?"

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@Haddock: Welcome to "Unveil the other side". Thank you for stopping by.



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