E - Elephants

Come "Dasara" - The festival of 9 nights celebrated in India as Navaraatri Mysore, a city in Karnataka fills with all the enthusiasm and bright colors. We have various activities held in the city for the spread of 9 nights and on the last day of Dasara we will have a procession of these elephants above. I happened to click this one just as they get ready for the next day's procession.They look lovely in their majestic walk with these bright designs on them.. Wont they?

What is for F tomorrow? Come back to see.


Dorothee said...

the bright designs are great - happy festivities! and good parallel: by B was "Butterfly", too.

cheers, Dorothee
life as a journey

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@Dorothee: Thanks for dropping by..



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