C ~ Cat Connection!

As I think hard about the letter C and chosing a topic, only one word circles around my mind ~ Cats!!

I love pets and cats are those pretty little ones, that when around brings joy. I enjoy their company when I am sad, when I am happy, when I have no one to talk to , when I want to pull my anger upon  [Poor little ones].

I love them in all stages of their life. When they are kittens they are innocent, as they grow up - the intolerable menace they put up , the pranks they play - Simply cant beat their energy levels. And their silent matured phase where they sleep most of the time is awesome for us to laze around a bit too.

I have scribbled about me and my pets in this post. Revisit if you have read it already to know whats my cat connection.

Here is my recent addition to the Cat-Pet family and her name is Dummi(Means fatso in Kannada).


Ruby said...

This is a great post! I love cats, they just make me happy. I also posted today about one of my own. Love the picture too :)

Maïa said...

I love the cat's expression! The photo is gorgeous.



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