@ the Dental Clinic.

Couple of weeks ago I drank some cold cola and felt a nerve killing sensation in one of my left upper molar teeth. Had been neglecting this dental condition for quite some time and I could not resist it anymore. So I decided walking upto the dental clinic nearby which I often visited while I underwent the RCT[For those who don't know what an RCT is - Its root canal treatment. They drill into your decayed tooth , fill it with a binding cement and in some cases place a cap of silver or gold or enamel.] The dentist there, gets her job done very smoothly and before you could realize she is finished with her job of cleansing, drilling, filling and polishing.

That particular day, doctor was already attending a patient and there was another lady waiting in the queue. I chose to sit near the entrance next to a pile of books. I picked one and started enhancing my knowledge on oral hygiene. A kid walked in with its mother. I pushed myself to the corner providing him some space to sit. He was special, a kid with down syndrome. He was bubbly, lively and enthusiastic. I kept the book down and engaged the rest of my waiting time with the new friend of mine. Oh yeah he considered me as a friend and I was more than glad when he said " Who are you? Are you my friend?" I said "yes". The smile on his face was worth a million. His mom had a smile too. She proudly said "He is a special kid of mine". He is close to 9 years now and can do most of his work on his own". I loved the positivity she was pouring in. I joined the conversation. He was attracted to the gadget in my hand. I opened up my gallery of random pictures. He was able to recognise most of the local animals - cats, dogs, cows, buffalo that were stored At the end of the slide show I opened up the Angry birds game to get him into an interesting mood. He loved the way the birds flew, each time he hit the boulders and as they crashed he jumped with joy. The next 10-15 minutes went by and we were two nice buddies. I let him go ahead of me for the doctor's visit. It was just a consultation the lady had told.

After my new friend waved a goodbye I went in and got a minute cavity fixed and filled, before I left the clinic. Each day is a new chapter in my life and this was an eye opener ~ Finding joy in simple deeds.


KParthasarathi said...

That shows the humane and friendly side of you.How many have the patience even to wait for their turn?
Good one!

Bikramjit said...

I think its always the little deeps that make us smile the most and for longer .

and you indeed are a lovely human being SO kudos to you ..


Jack said...


I am so proud of you.

Take care

Rachna said...

Well done, Ashwini. And, really these small incidents stay with us and brighten our lives.

subtlescribbler said...

I agree to d last line. We should always try and be open to new experiences :) very nice!


Ramya said...

Ah How I had blind eye on ur blog :'(
Such nice posts now on reading everything...

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@KParthasarathi:hmmm Thanks. Actually it was just a friendly gesture..

@Bikram: Yes very true... Small things bring a huge smile.

@Jack: Thanks :)

@Rachna: hmmm :)

@Subtlescribber: Yes cos everyday is a new experience.Wecome to my little space on web..

@Ramya: Welcome to Unveil the other side.. Hope you find stuff that interests you. Keep visiting.


Rajalakshmi said...

very touching nice one, these small experiences teach us the way of life good keep it up

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@Rajalakshmi: Yes simple things that brings a kind of satisfaction from within. The teachings that remain forever. Thanks for the read.



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