"Love is with you"

Kruti was blessed with wonderful parents and she got the best of everything in life. Education, extra-cirricular activities like dance, singing, painting, skating - she was a brilliant kid all through and now grown into a beautiful young, intelligent girl. The statement "Beauty and Brains" fit the highly ambitious sweet girl aptly.

Ramu kaka's ginger tea is the key ingredient to start her day with the lingering freshness. Aroma of the chai kept her going all day through. Excellency in all fields, specially remarkable academics recognition landed her in a high profile job. Living her dream in a city that offered the best of bests, she couldn't have asked for more. Roshan Joshi , her immediate boss , appreciative of her achievements, proposed a new opportunity abroad , only if she was interested. Kruti's reponse was immediate and negative. She did not want to leave the city that gave her everything in life.

Roshan repected her decision, quit the proposal. As she moved towards the cabin door Roshan intervened "Kruti Please join in for the party this evening at the La-meadows. I would be glad if you can make your presence there."

Every known big shot of the city was bound to be present at the party.

"I'd love to make it sir, but I think I'd be uncomfortable. I'm extremely sorry".

"Well, I've invited Priya and she will be there for your company. Guess that'll do."

Kruti shrugged a "Yes" in response as she was wiped off the other options and could not help but attend the party.

Priya was the bubbly chirpy girl, Roshan's distant relative and Kruti's best pal in college.

Roshan had an inclination towards Kruti ever since he'd seen her in the college fest 3 years from today to be precise. Not sure of the sorts of what, but he liked her for what she was. Kruti felt the special attention she got but never cared much about it.

Dressed herself in a pink suit that enhanced her beauty by a threshold, she set off for the party that evening. "Enjoy dear. Take care" Vibha , her mom scored from the balcony as Kruti helped herself into a taxi.

Priya was waiting for Kruti at the famous Kala theater junction where they had watched numerous movies during their college days. Soon they were engrossed in speaking about the sweet memorable days and how fun it was. They did reach the destination well on time inspite of the slight drizzle.

Kruti walked in and there came applause from all corners accompanied with music. Bewilderment struck the beauty as she stood frozen at the spot. Not knowing the happenings around, her eyes sparkled at the sight of Roshan who looked stunning in the Black shirt. Priya and Kruti reached the center of the party and as Priya whispered "She has no clue of this party" into Roshan's ears..

"Welcome Lady of the evening. This party is for the success of our company's recent endeavour. Here's Miss Kruti who is the main person behind the success story. Please join me in wishing her more laurels" .

Surprised Kruti lost for words and signalled Roshan to stop praising her.
Filled with joy Kruti exclaimed "Its my pleasure. Thank you all for the profound respect and esteem shown. I've been doing my duty and I love my work".

Roshan introduced Kruti to Mr.Parth Savarkar, the number one icon in the industry of adds and magazines.

Roshan: "Parth has been in the industry for long time now. He started his career a decade ago and his journey so far is very interesting."

Parth:"Oh Come on Roshan,don't you digest your intake if you dont bring these talks once in a while." Smiles:)

Kruti: Listens carefully "Nice meeting you in Person. I have read a lot of your work. They are awesome. The content is brisk and clear. I'd love to follow your steps and some day be the best designer of the era." :)

Rounds of drinks, plates of crips, lots of talks, sharing and laughing continued. Kruti had spoken to her hearts content. Parth was bowled over the stunningly attractive, smashing, sophisticated, elegant and a real beauty - Kruti. They shared a lot in common and became the best buddies in that short span of time.

After dinner Priya settles to stay back at Roshan's while Kruti plans to leave. Parth offers her a drop if she was okay. Kruti checks her watch , it showed 11. Hiring a taxi this time meant unsafe as her home's a twenty minute drive which includes an open park of a kilometer stretch. The thoughts got carried away till Parth pitched in "Are you coming young lady?"

Perplexed Kruti replied "Errrr Yes!" and she got in. Parth , a medium built personality carrying off his well groomed beard, was sitting by her side. He was known for his charming nature and beautiful writing skills. As a teenager Kruti had read his number one seller "Love is with you". She had assumed herself to be the lead in the novel and imagined Parth to be the male lead for his masculine handsome looks while reading the chapters through the novel. Now Parth was next to her in a luxurious car driving her back home. The lines from his novel hovered in her mind as she got close to him, held his hand. Parth, mesmerized by her gorgeousness, and by instinct, let his eyes linger, travel all over her exquisite body. Parth stopped the car near the park. He noticed her breathing going heavy, as she questioned him, if she was doing the right thing. On a note of assurance he responded "Don't worry honey you are absolutely fine in my arms!"

He turned towards Kruti, cupped her face in his hands and drowned himself deep into her eyes. He could sense her finger-tips caressing the nape of his neck. He grabbed her, held her tight as she slumped forward into his arms. she looks up into his eyes, yearning, thirsty, ravishing.
And suddenly, naturally, instinctively, it happens. The most spontaneous, natural, beautiful and passionate experience of her life. Spur of the moment, unplanned, unforeseen frenzied love. Like a volcano.

Kruti gradually come into consciousness, her eyes heavy, body overwhelmed by the pleasurable sensation of lethargy in the aftermath of passion. Everything looks blurred and slowly Parth's face comes into focus. Kruti said "It was lovely".

As she moved her fingers on his hair she glanced at her watch . "Oh heavens! Its 12:30. We'd better hurry".

"One more session" he said tauntingly. Both smile as Parth ignited the car and drove her up to the house in the city.

Kissed him a bye and left him with her mobile number. Running up the stairs she waved back at him with a beautiful smile. She heads to the bathroom and comes out fresh after a hot shower. Sleeps on her cozy bed waiting for his call.

Suddenly she hears the ring and notices an unknown number. It should be him. Who else can it be at this hour she thought as she picked the cellphone. She answers with a soft "Hello".

"Hi, you awake? Roshan here and I was just curious to know if you've reached home safe."

"Oh its you? Roshan are you in senses. Its 2 am and you are worried about me? Am perfectly fine"

"Were you expecting any other call this hour" .

"Er No but I was startled on hearing you" .

"Okay! Thanks for coming today. Its the best day of my life and I love you. ooops I did not mean to say it this way. But I love you Kruti."

Kruti could not believe what she had just heard.

"You are not alright. I'll cut it here.Talk to you tomorrow". She ends the call.

She tried but failed to sleep as thoughts follow. Kruti was the only one who knew about Priya's love. Priya never revealed it to Roshan fearing the betrayal.Yes! Priya loved Roshan deeply. Her parents were going talk to Roshan's parents in a week's time and here he confess his love for me. Sleep fights the thoughts and Kruti falls asleep on her bed.

Next morning with a lot of questions, feelings,thoughts pondering her way, she walks the half mile crossing the same faces and places she has known for the past 24 years. Her cell phone rings and there again its an unknown number. She answers.

"Hello Honey. Are you up? so early.. "

"Hi Parth. Yeah I have to head for a meeting. So on my way..."

"I am still lying on my bed thinking of last night. You are the best thing ever happened in my life."

Kruti blushes "Hey ... You are one romantic pig. Well can we meet in like 30 minutes. If you have some time that is.."

"Honey whats the matter? you sound tensed. "

"Will tell you. 30 minutes at cafe-villa, Thompson Street.Alright"

"And your meeting?"

"I'll postpone that by an hour"

"Okay. See you there soon."
They hang up with a sweet kiss.

Cafe-villa was her favourtie coffee shop. She had completed tons of assignments sitting on that corner table , where her brilliant ideas sprouted. She sits there now waiting for her partner. Parth comes in and the coffee shop owner is surprised to see such a big icon walking into his
small lousy shop on the street. Parth is greeted and welcomed as his eyes anxiously searched for Kruti. Kruti had the same lovely smile , dressed in a floral white peach frock. She stood there waiting for him. As he walked closer, her heartbeat sounded loud. Exchange of Hello accompanied an order for two black coffees.

Worried Parth raised the concern "Whats the matter Kruti. you look pale and lost."

"You know Roshan right"

"Yeah Roshan Joshi.Whats up with him?"

"Last night he called up at 2 to know my where-abouts. First I thought he was a bit concerned. But then.. as he spurted out the words 'I love you' I did not know how to react."

"Oh no. Do you love him? what did you say"

"No :). I love you damn it... I ended the call saying 'I'll talk to him today' and now I'll need to go for the meeting he's set up for me."

"Ohhhhh! So what will you talk to him of"

"I am gonna rightly put across his face that I am in a relationship with you. He better be off from me. Does that sound okay Parth"

"Perfect! But are you sure about ?"

"About what?"


"Yes Parth.. Are you uncertain? I'd love to be yours forever. Would you be mine."

"Certainly my love."

He hugged her as he said the last line and laid a soft kiss on her cheek. Sipping the last of the coffee they rose from the table and no wonder there were a group of media men waiting to
cover this gossip for their magazines and papers. Parth and Kruti sweeped through them to the car parked in the front and sped away before anyone could question. Kruti apologised for the mess she had caused by calling him down to this low profile shop. He was more than happy to meet her and it was after all their first date. She smiled and rested her head on his shoulder feeling lucky to be in love.

Parth dropped her off at Champa Garden Road which is adjacent to the main doors of her add- center office. Roshan was waiting for her eagerly. When he saw her crossing the road he could not stand still on his feet. A sense of fear struck him and a shiver ran down his spine. She looked so extraordinarily exquisite, so tantalizing, so sensuous, so temptingly inviting, that he could not take his eyes off her. He was there waiting to confess his love for this lady when Priya walked in from the ally on the side. Unexpected it was for him. However Priya was happy to see Roshan's cheerful face and asked him the reason for his happiness. Little did she know of his happiness
or his love. There was a surprising shock waiting for her as he said he was waiting for his Love. Priya went crazy over her heels as she heard him talk of Love.

She hugged him tight. Kissed him and said "Stupid dumbo.Why did you take it so long to tell me. I was waiting for this from years now. I am happy you did it finally. I love you too dear".

Shocked! Deflated. Yes, deflated! He’d never felt so deflated ever. As Priya still stands hugging him, Kruti walks in with her usual cheerful smile. Kruti was confused with what she was witnessing. Priya screamed with joy "kruti you know what.. Roshan proposed. He loves me". Kruti looked at Roshan and Roshan at her. Kruti smiled and congratulated them both on their decision. All the while Roshan held an expression of embarassment.

Kruti could not wait to reach her desk and immediately dialled Parth's number.

"Hello What happened to your meeting. Is it over. Did you speak your heart dear?"

"Oh Parth , That's not necessary anymore. Roshan's heart is already stolen.." She makes this statement and giggles.

"Hey come on. Tell me what happened. I dont understand your puzzles.."

Kruti explained what had happened. Parth and Kruti both had a hearty laugh. They met that evening at the cafe-villa again on the pretext of celebration. The celebrations continued throughout their life then on.

Disclaimer: All characters in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is just pure co-incidence.


chitrasjewelart said...

A nice story,interesting twists , developed well

Ifra Khaliq said...

aw you're doing good now, your story tells this :]

KParthasarathi said...

A gripping story well narrated

KP said...


The Narcissist said...

That was a great story :)

Sujatha Sathya said...

ahaa...nice story...good for a breezy sunday morning read

Vyankatesh said...

A perfect ending.

Everyone is happy :) Or maybe Roshan isn't??

Anonymous said...

was an awesome story

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@Chitrasjewelart: Glad you liked the twists and fun.

@Ifra: hmmmm Sort of doing good... Thanks for reading..

@Kparthasarathi: Taking a baby step at a time. My try on second English fiction this is.

@KP: @Narcissist : Thank you!

@Sujatha Sathya: These days its kinda chill, breezy and thus you have this story sprout up.
Thanks for reading.

@Vyankatesh : Gotcha! Roshan and his life ?? Yes a Question mark is what I have for now.

@some unspoken words : Welcome to Unveil the other side. Glad you liked the story.

sush said...

ನಿಮ್ಮ ಬ್ಲಾಗ್ ಚೆನ್ನಾಗಿದೆ -ಕನ್ನಡ ಅಂದ್ರ್ವ್ರೆ ಜಾಸ್ತಿ ಇಷ್ತ

Spicy Sweet said...

Good one Ashwini. Very well narrated.
I loved the way, you took on, the way tension was built.

A said...

Great Story :))) Well written.

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@Sush: Welcome to "Unveil the other side". Thanks for the sweet comment.

@Sahana: Thank you very much! The weather got into me and thoughts just flowed which turned into this piece of fiction.

@A: Thanks Amrit. Hope things are better now in NC. Take care.

kavita said...

As always very well narrated .I enjoy reading your stories Ashwini :)

Sum said...

Nice story, girl... well narrated... :)

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@Kavita: Thank you Big Sis.. your wishes and encouragement keeps me going.

@Sum: Thanks a lot for the compliment.



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