"My Daddy is the Strongest!"

There was this advertisement of cooking oil a few years ago stating " My daddy's strongest". In real my daddy is indeed the strongest. Will let you know how. Read on.

Our house has wooden doors as in almost all Indian homes for the bathrooms and so whats great about it?, one would acclaim. There is nothing great really except for the fact that it goes under this phenomenon of expansion and contraction with the change of seasons.To add the fact that water gets sprinkled on it at times, doors end up making cranky noise each time you open or close them. This was one such ocassion and the door was highly stubborn to get closed inspite of several kicks from either sides. That was when Daddy decided to do some carpentry work. He got the hack saw blade and tried to soften the edge of the door to make the door fit. It was quite a huge deal which the blade couldn't accomplish. So he decides to get a saw with of about half an inch teeth. After some sawing action the door started smoothing and trying to get fixed right. About 15 minutes into this action things worked out fine and now the door locked perfectly fine. Well I did help a bit into this task by rubbing the smoothening paper on the edge to keep the surface tidier and preventing others ofthe sharp cuts in future. - Strong dad indeed!

Into the previous tasks completion there was something new on hand. Dad had broken the tap in the bathroom. I am clueless to date how actually that happened but it did. Probably he landed on it when he slipped during the sawing action. Oh no water was all over . I had a complete bath before the water flow was cut down. Hmmm! So what next? The tap had to be replaced and now dad was onto the plumber job.He got the tools from an old iron trunk kept from ages at home. The kit contains all the things required.Yes you name it and you get it. He found a tap that could replace the broken one. But the tough part was that the screw thread had gone for a toss. We had to get that removed first. As usual I ventured in for some help. We had brilliant ideas on hand -
i) The lit candle to heat the screw to make it easy for removal of the broken screw still clinging on to the wall.
ii) The knife to cut out the screw as if peeling the skin out of the papaya.
iii) (This one's the best - not sure how this idea ever popped up in dad's crazy brain.) An acid glue to burn out the plastic screw ring by dissolving it.

After all ideas tried out I just pulled out the residual screw ring with my hand all of ease. Proud dad said all his ideas worked perfectly right and so I could remove it easily. True Dad, think it worked absolutely right!- Just the way we needed it to.

You know something Dad can be a wonderful electrical technician too. This was one of those festive days last year. Ganesh Chathurthi delicacies preparation was full time high. The idol was placed and we go with the hitech celbrations. This time we had the vedio CD as an aid to help us perform the rituals correctly. So sis goes to plug her laptop adaptor and there is a loud shriek " Aaaaaaa........" Pat she throws the adaptor and swithces off the power. God! the wiring was wrong! Yes that was Dad at work on the switchborad the previous week. Of course he had warned us to check it out before we plug in something and it was her fault of not following his advise. To fact it out dad does the power work actually great. This was just an exception. A powerful Dad he is!

You want to know something more crazy. Dad can become monkey.:- ) ha ha ha!! He climbs the tree to cut the branches down to avoid them reaching the power wires. He does this act so easily, Mom and I go murmering all the while asking him to be careful because we feel it is one of the risky acts he performs.

Oh goodness! no matter what he does, My Daddy is the strongest!

- Ashwini

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