Retro Bollywood!

It was the theme for a bright Saturday this year,Feb 19th 2011. Where and what was it all about? Coming to describe the whole thing in a word would be synonymous to "DISCO". This opportunity of entirely time zoning back ourselves into the world where bell bottoms, flowered shirts, flowy skirts and headbands of all colors was on a full time high, made the complete crew - Sis , me and 2 cousins go crazy head to toe. Let me explain a bit here for those not getting the fact right. It was Family day celebrations at my Sis's company and we were invited. So what? The tale began when Sis made the announcement a few days ahead of time - "this year everyone is dressing to match the style from a couple of prior decades - Retro". First thought that struck me when she said Retro - the flashy lights and the clothing of the colorful era - 70's n 80's. I was already imagining how funny one would look when dressed in outfits that are a way too different from what normalcy defines in this day. However the news was on for quite some time and we were talking about who will be able make it for the event from home.

The day was right there and Sis was deciding on her outfit. She ended up in 2 final options of which the best that suited her was chosen. As she adorned everything that was set she resembled the legendry Saira Banu.

The hair stylist of our home (Cousin) - ventured to bring in the complete retro effect and what we ended up in was a look from those old movies where the heroines had stunning hairdo, not missing those curls rolling down the cheek. Absolutely crazy! Sis had her outfit ready and the matching shoes to go with it. Further to embellish the White and sea blue dress , we got a white ribbon and a blue lace, topped was a blue flower that accompanied her fluffy hair to give a finishing touch to the fine look. I was not spared either, had a curl dropping on one side , there was a small puffed roll twisted into a slight pompadour. I am proud to have received compliments on that look. Thanks to all !(Usually I dont dress myself up). Dressed in brown and red enhanced the 80's essence in totality. I indeed enjoyed every bit of the era I was born in.

Hair stylist Cousin resoluted to her style of headband with a hawaiian flower onto one side . Her bell sleeved white dress took me directly to the black & white movie scene where a lady walks with style in the garden and stands next to the bush fanning her clutch to get some fresh air. This is an awesome example of how filmy we can get at times.

The last cousin though not keen of all this pomp show (dressing up, applying makeup) usually, was not letting down the spirit of enthusiasm even by a degree. After some initial tantrums eventually she agreed to wear a short kurta and kameez in the defining red. Besides she allowed me to draw the black liner around her eyes. (Thanks to her sweat glands which brought them down soon we alighted at the venue.)

Thus the entire bunch was ready to bang the Bangalore roads and drive right across the city where Sis works.

Curious lots were so thrilled when they got a glance of some funky ladies looking unique from the rest on the roads. We tried to count the number of such wide opened mouths on our way. There comes the parking lot and its time for us to walk down the path leading to campus. The counter cried to run faster than it could as there were so many normal people gazing at these ladies pssing by.

Sis colleagues with true spirits fit into those cosmo kinds of costumes (:0) replicating the cinema icons of the era - Mithun, Amitabh, Govinda and the like. Flashy Blues, pinks, golds and what not - you name the colour and you find it. Truely a scene to be watched and treasured. The cultural celebrations included a few dances, fancy dress for kids, songs by the home band, prize distribution and of course a speech. No corporate function can end without one!

Encouraging dinner comprehended by a scoop of vanilla ice cream , hot jamoon and jelabis filled the craving tummys at the end of the ceremony. A dance floor flooded with enthu employees and a DJ from Bombay rocked the event to closure.

It was a fantastic, fancyful and a pleasurable experience!

- Ashwini

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