One Guy's conversation skills

Taken by a ride with this Guy's wonderful statements. There is a not so tall , not so heavy Guy
in one of the neighboring teams at office. I write this article not to demotivate his learning
abilities , neither to insult his english conversation skills. Fluency is a great deal when it
comes to any new language. What makes one perfect is not the way he/she uses atleast 4 to 5 high vocab words in a sentence. What matters is that the meaning should reach across the table, the listener should be able to grasp what is being communicated. Do we really need "utilize" when a three-letter word, "use", will nicely suffice. "Risible" is a lovely word, but is it worth sending your readers to the dictionary when "laughable" is at hand? Isn't this a good question.

New to corporate world and also new to handling english at the pace today's MNC's are going at,
this Guy was hesitating to even utter a yes or a no.

Literal translations from the mother tongue is a common sight when it comes to those whose study background marks to rural schooling. This was a similar case. Once the team was out in a cafe shop to munch away their evening snacks and a little conversation out there goes this way -

Team mate 1: "Guy ,you need to put on some weight".
Guy : "Yes yes"
Team mate 1: "Eat some good food, it will help you gain weight."
Guy: " Yes I am eating chicken to enlarge my body"

Everyone bursts out laughing and the Guy learns the right usage of the word enlarge.

Next instance:
Team mate 2: "Why is that you go to tirupathi so often ?" To visit the temple ?"
Guy: "sometimes temple I go and sometimes to visit brother"
Team mate 2: "Oh so you and your brother spent the weekend together?"
Guy: "yes only two of us, no lady kid na.."

My goodness if this was not enough to bring you onto the floor, check the one thats below.

Team mate 3 to Team mate 2: "What are you doing?"
Guy comes in between the conversation and teases Team mate 2: "She is rotating around with her boyfriend"


Be what ever it , I should really say his determination has paid off and I appreciate the efforts
he is putting in every day to improvise. From simple yes and no with which he stepped into this
industry he has improved a time 100 . Great going Guy! Please keep entertaining us and I am sure to help you with all the right words. Not boasting about my vocabulary skills here. Trying to help and share with what I know. I am always welcome to critics for correcting me when I am wrong. That helps me learn and share again :)


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