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While I lay on the sofa that evening at 4, was getting bored and not knowing what to do, slowly got into surly mode. Its the time I usually spend cheering up myself with some chatpata foodie (some new innovative recepie that I try) and a glass of milk(a little freshly brewed coffee drops added to bring in that tinkling flavour). But I felt a little grumpy and didn't feel fresh even after the usual caffeine dosage. I blamed it on the weather for making me get into this sulking mood.

Thunk thunk and thunk! Best I could do - unwind some of the best moments of Sis and Mom. Go ahead and explore..

Mom's usual reaction (rather the intial reaction) for anything and everthying will be a "NO" or a Negation. Sis has this inbuilt habit of irritiating mom in almost all the interactions she has with her. For instance when sis removes a glass tumbler from her crockery stand instead of the steel tumbler from the good old indian rack of untensils in the kitchen for a mocktail fruitpunch drink. Pat comes a squeak without a second pause " Hey why are you taking that glass out? cant you use the steel one instead?......" Sis pretends as if she isn't hearing anything and then the rewind button goes pressed. The record plays itself again and by this time Sis is all ready to sip her drink away. Mom mutters something to herself ,am sure its nothing but a helpless gesture. I enjoy these sequences quite a bit, though I feel sad for mom being targetted. Thats the actual punch. I know she enjoys it as well! Don't you mom?

The daily morning's wake ups,as I have already mentioned earlier, is a pain in the ass for both sis and myself. But once she started working in a firm that needs her presence at 8 am (Yeah! at desk by 8 am - which means she need to leave by early 7am ) she has to be up by 6:15 am max. And you might already be guessing how hard it is for her to do this 5 days a week. Upon this she is up late till about 12 or 1 in the night - working hard to meet unrealistic deadlines set by the supervisors else trying to keep her social accounts alive. Wondering how does Mom fit into this routine? Well she is the gutsy one who dare to wake her little daughter every morning :-) Very true I dont want to try this task any day as I know what I would end up with. hahaha!

Imagine a spendthrift Sis going on a really wild shopping spree. OOOOh! Myyyyyy! GooooooooooD! she comes home with half a dozen tops. Mom's reaction - a wild grin but it truely is of sarcasm. "What do you do with ones in the cupboard? No place for anymore clothes......" her comments end there. Sis says with her cool "All the old ones don't fit me anymore. Please give them away to the ones in need and I will make place for these new ones". The conversation ends at this. I am a mute spectator having fun.

When Sis is not in her mood she does not move a thing even an inch. I dont know why mom picks such wonderful timing to get something done from sis even after her rejection. Mom insists and sis rejects.

Sis : Why do I need to do?
Mom : Why not ?
Sis : No mood amma
Mom : Its okay do it for today only.
Sis( reluctantly accepts) : Okay only today. - - -> some cases end this way.

Sis : No amma I cant do it today , will do tomorrow.
Mom(with anger) : Okay I will only do it. - - -> some cases end this way.

Me( both ways smile) : he he he

Fact to note : When sis is in a good mood she accepts and does all that is asked for. But finding her in the good mood is a challenge in itself.: - )

Comment or compliment!
Wow the best compliment ever given by amma on Sis dress is when she wore a salwar kameez and walked down the aisle - " This dress seems to look good." Fine that is to be considered something great for the standard of commenting she has gotten in her. All tops either is short or tight or the cut does not suit, the sleeves are very high, the neckline not good, Gosh! this list never ends. Or if she finds something okay there is just a nod of head no compliments follow. But that one compliment made me and sis both laugh the hell out of us.

If I gonna continue with more samples of such events there is more chances of me getting shoe-ed away. So I better stop with this for now and revisit when either of them remind me of this post in future!

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