Cease and Chance.

The title of the post says cease and chance which are actually two titles. To know more please read on the snippets.


A stroll in the evening rain
To binge on Hot samosas down the lane
A combination of Chitter chatter
Fun and laughter
Makes it worth living
Each day - every moment.

Can the time cease forever
Do something, what-so-ever
Halt everything , as they are


Thousands come and Thousands go
A mark - only a few make Though
How I wish I am one of them
Not a normal stone but a precious gem

Lot of hammering shapes me through
I stick to my goals, heavily glued
Perfecting my stance
Guess, I stand a chance?


Badarinath Palavalli said...

Cease! :
The scenario u have narrated makes us thrilled. Oh God us kindly Cease that movements of us for ever.

I appreciate your vision to be a gem. I hope one who tries to be them self a gem. Will be gems.


Jack said...


Again not fair on your part to remind of hot samosas in this rainy season when it is not possible for me to get those. And I agree with what you said in both couplets.

Take care

Vikram Karve said...

Nicely written

gunjan kumar said...

Good one ,,,Cease and chance.
Liked the flow.


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