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There are days when there is absolutely not a moment to walk out of the cubicle and there are days when you need to find tasks to kill the time.That is corporate life or I'd say that is exactly the world I'm from. The nothing to do days are needed as a reviving factor when your energy has burnt out and you need some time for healthy relaxation.No it isn't the vacation time that is being talked about. I would like to tell how to use the no-work time while you have to still sit in front of the mother of inventions - Computer.

Okay, make sure you are aware of where you are positioned on the floor before you even try the tips below. These are especially for the ones who sit in a remote corner and their monitors are so placed that it cannot be viewed from any angle except from the front(that's obvious I know).

1. If you had to rush to office with the thought of avoiding the peak-hour traffic then I bet you have not peeped into the morning newspaper. Now don't ask me if I'd tell you to open up the online newspaper and read through every bit on it. Pick a online headlines flasher and keep yourself updated of whats happening around you and in the world. Pour in half an hour into this so called- "updating yourself with the world" and see how well you can connect to the GK guru's of the company in a couple of days

2. Social networking - It isn't easy going when things are not spicy on your side, you you have the feeling of being lost in the crowd, lonely and left networking sites as the survey states degrades the situation even more. So check status messages, photos and the new feed for not more than say about 15 min.

I know that's hard but give it a shot guys.It definitely works unless you have turned a complete addict.

3. Walk over to your peers desk and check if he/she needs assistance in completing a deadlined task. If they deny do not mull over it. Walk back to your desk and be happy about the fact you spent a few minutes in the team strenthening activity and better if this was noticed by the manager. You know what I mean!

4. Brush your skills in the technology you master in. Enhance your knowledge on the functional domain of the project. Its going add values to your career growth. Its an advice out of experience.

5. This is getting too serious a post. Okay now for the fun part of it. You want to bring some fun at work action in your company. Check with your HR and the managers and let them know you'd like to invesst time and energy on it. If you get a nod of YES, then what are you waiting for. Get going!
Design some online fun activities like - online quiz about your company, online treasure hunt etc.
Be an organizing committee head and see the difference you make in the company.

Well be ready for the rejections that comes up!

6. You have a talent but you are shy putting it up in front of an audience. Say you paint or you write poems but have not shared them to the world. Here is a chance for you to utilize the time. Build a website or a blog and post every bit you want to share. I'll tell you this makes you the happiest person on earth. Been there done that and so I tell you!

7. If your cubicle is just so cornered that no one see what you are upto, then dont waste time, complete the novels that are on your to do list. More if you are a crafty person and do a lot of stiching and knitting it isn't a bad idea to do some designs and patterns too. Be careful and make sure no one is watching you :)

Out of the blue why, the heck did I start writing this post . Let me tell you folks about what I found. Yesterday when I was cleaning up my system of the junk to make some sapce for a new software install at office I found an old mspaint art I created a while ago (maybe an year ago). Those were the initial days in the new office. Had little work or no work at times. This was the best way I utilized my time. What do you think about it?


Bikramjit said...

Yes Mam, I shall do what you have asked ..



Jack said...


Useful advice. You did well to use your free time in painting it.

Take care

Insignia said...

I need it!

Suma Prabhu said...

haha , Good one :) Nice painting BTW, Keep doing in ur free time :)

Anonymous said...

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