A day out in the botanical garden.

Come again August , the plan to visit Lal Bagh for the Indepedence day flower show is one that I wouldn't want  
to give a miss. And waiting for "The I Day" makes it impossible to soak in the right essence of the show. The crowd is getting intolerable on weekends and public holidays over the week-long festival year after year. I generally pick the weekend before "The I Day" to avoid bit of a crowd. If you are lucky enough to breathe through the hustle bustle, grandpas, grannys, lovey-doveys who seem to be inseparable, recent fathers pushing the trolleys of their babies while the mom is capturing some macro flower snaps, the school outing team, then I'd say you are a perfect Bangalorean. And me one such Pakka Bangaloored lady take this challenge every six months.

The adventure this time did not please me much, may be my expectations were high.
It was plain and simple.
Some attractions in the glass house are - Panda made of pink flowers
     - Dinosaur and swans/ducks
     - Tree house
The entry fee is 40/- Rupees. I would not recommend this seasons' flower show to my readers however if you are genuinely interested in getting yourself ready for sweating out this is the place.

Some clicks I managed inspite of me carrying 2 bags. Is the effort worth it?


Jack said...


Beautiful photographs. Made my day by just looking at these.

Take care

Insignia said...

I went last year and had tough time in the crowd. I appreciate you for going year after year :)

Ranjana's craft blog said...

Nice photos. But I'm really scared of the huge crowd there.

Bikramjit said...

I like that.. loved the orchids


Mom of A and a said...

wow! It looks awesome!
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment! :)



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