A journey from horoscope to horrorscope.

The title suggests something fishy. Don't panic. On a lighter sense I put that up based on the suggestion from the team in office.

Let me dwell a little more deeper on the subject I am going to write in here. Every company/organization has an appraisal process. What's new about it - you may brag. The story goes this way. A resource joins a company , performs his duty sincerely, does not have any escalations in his/her name for the entire year, fulfills all the policies and norms of the company and now on the day of the appraisal talks - he/she is curious to know his/her results from the mouth of his/her superior. He/she is satisfied with the grades/ranking provided. Don't get me wrong when I say Grades/ranking it does not mean the designation. I am referring to the points - its going to be on a scale of 1 to 5 or something similar.

Okay now, after all the management decisions, budget available, the bell-curve analysis and a HR drill for about a couple weeks comes "The day" - Letter hand over day.

This year our fellow team mate had to rush to a hospital to donate blood due to an emergency that cropped up. He was feeling a little dizzy after the renowned hospital had already drained out a qaurter litre of blood from his body. He decided to take off for the rest of the day but not after he had heard about the letters
getting distributed that afternoon. On reaching office and collecting his letter he did not seem so good. Not that his expectations were high but his horoscope for the day had turned sour - rather as he named it - A horror-scope.

It is not that he is a great believer in the daily horoscope but just that his luck wasn't that great. That doesn't mean rest of us folks got a great hike either.
This post does not mean I am against what my company does and what other companies do during appraisals but in general talking about the experience one goes through every year no matter how great or how bad his/her appraisals are.


KParthasarathi said...

So long as there is a proper appraisal system with well defined role responsibilities,self appraisal of performance against tasks assigned,a performance review meeting with the boss to explaiin the facilitating factors and the constraints and a system of a review of the assessment by a senior boss, there should be no complaints generally.Some aberrations do take place everywhere.
A stone that is fit for the wall will never be found on the way.If one deserves,he would normally be rewarded.

Rags said...

its all abt the monay! its all abt the dum dum da da dum dum! :D

Jack said...


Appraisal, if done properly, is needed not only to decide on increment but also to appraise one about his or her strong as weak points and to advise how to improve. One should not have blind faith in horoscope. Though position of planets or stars at the time of birth do have affect on one, to trust general predictions for everyone under a zodiac sign as given in newspapers is not right.

Take care

Rachna said...

Appraisals are always dicey!

Bikramjit said...

well put it this way , I was to have mine in Janaury and I am still waiting for it .. so you are lucky then me ..




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