Yet another milestone.

Time passes by, days roll, years grow and so do we.

Its one more year added to my career-life. Going a few years down the lane , I can see myself sitting in front of the interviewer who seemed funny not because of his behaviour or his attire. He was asking questions way beyond the thinking capacity of an engineering student still in her last year of the course. Yes it wasn't simple to get into an MNC. Especially getting placed through college was a dream come true. I was selected!Hmmm something must be really wrong with those guys thought I. Later did I get to know that it was a part of stress test they were carrying out on all the candidates. I had cleared the test , Not bad, my patience level was way too high. Dont expect that now.. Pleaaaseee!

If I go back to the days of my training - Thats going to be another blog in full [some other time please]. Gosh! No I did not want to be trained on Mainframes - Not knowing the fact that its gonna be an alltime high and evergreen in the IT industry I reluctantly walked into it. Realization comes, but after I started working in the first live project followed by a series of challenges down the road. Oh no what was all those funky high-fi terms used - deliveries, deadlines, quality, SLA's - they got messed up with the technical part of the cerebrum which contained Syntax, loops , functions and calls . I happened to fight it all and have been learning throughout this journey. Management is another aspect which I've been able to get a bit of understanding lately, but that isn't very hard if you know how to manage right? - haaaa I know people are thinking I've gone mad. Let me stop it there boredom kicks you.

It was 2004 - July 21st that I joined a US based company as a fresh trainee. 7 years - I have seen the slow-fast projects, minor-major tasks, simple-complex requirements, tough-friendly people and more. I have grown professionally and personally - Thanking all who have been a part of this travel.


Sujatha Sathya said...

7 years! wow! congrats!

now dat u luk bak on those years doesnt seem SOOOOO long na?

u r into something totally technical @ work & bak home u write these beautiful poems & entertaining, fun blog posts. u know i find that really amazing abt u (& one other person - Sahana (spicy sweet).
hats off to u! :)

And u can drive like a dream!
complete package :)!!

Rachna said...

Wow, nice to know that you are enjoying your journey and learning loads along the way.

sm said...

7 year itch
carry on

Vyankatesh said...

Many congratulations!! :) Glad that you have reached the classical seven.

It must have indeed been a roller coaster ride!!

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@Sujatha Sathya: Journey doesn't seem so long when I look back but definitely have learnt a ton traversing through.

@Rachna: It is fun!

@ sm: :) Thanks!

@Vyankatesh : Welcome to my space. Roller coaster ride - hmmm I can call it so.

Sum said...

Cool! I too just completed my 7 years a few days back... And i too had pretty much similar experiences! Can't believe its 7 yrs!

Spicy Sweet said...

Wow! 7 years??! That is really cool. Congrats..
Through ups and downs you have learnt so much..

Bikramjit said...

Congrats on the milestone .. 7 years is a long time in a place .. but who am i to say anything i have been working for a decade in the same company now :) eve nthe furniture is NEwer then me :) he heh e


ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@ Bikram: Thank you so much! 10 and counting.. Thats even more amazing, Keep it rocking..



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