Aim and Gain!

Working mind had gone blank
Thoughts were a lot
But there came a clot -
How Do I Reach That No.1 Rank ?

All those high brain Nerds there
Seeing them I was scared
The feeling - little akward
No one seemed to be bothered

Busy in their routine
Portraying a definitive mien
Hurray was the only Word
'Cos after this , they'll be Honored

White paper,on it the black ink's wink
Got me to the act of blink blink blink
Penning the words that flowed
Poured poured and poured

Finally, it was over and I was out
So was the crowd discussing their doubts
Happy and merry sounded I
My soul within knew I would stand that high

Came that day
I shout the word - Hurray
No. 1 was my aim
No. 10 is no bad I exclaim.

[Zero has no value right. Be it No.1 or No.10. Who cares ? Ha ha ha :)]


Pradeepa said...

Sure, I agree with you. Zero has no value, so what if it is 1 or 10.

Mishi said...

hahaha that was so cute ashwini! blink blink blink!!;p

yeh doesnt matter number 10 is better then number 100!!!;p

Bikramjit said...

it has not value on its own but a few Zero's afteer a digit WOWO..

nice thought though.. i think indirectly a zero has much more value then any other digit ..



Good one Ashwini.... but try to omit that zero...:))


Insignia said...

Well said, numbers dont matter to achievers.

Sujatha Sathya said...

what an ending :)

Sum said...

Ha ha.. Nice rhyming words.... Thanks for those nice words on my space :)

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@Pradeepa: Thank you!

@Mishi: That was really so nice of you . I loved your line - yeh doesnt matter number 10 is better then number 100!!!;

@Bikram: Zero - as a contradiction to my statement before actually has the greatest value. On a lighter note I wanted to let people know that aiming high and working towards it can get you somewhere close to it. Thanks!

@Irfan: Definitely that is the next step.

@Insignia & @ Sujatha Sathya: Thanks :)

@ Sum: My pleasure. Cheer up and come back with a banging post.

Spicy Sweet said...

Good one Ash.. :=D
But, I think you will agree that 0's does have value only on your salary day :D

Arti said...

Hah:) Thats sweet Ashwini.
My first visit to your blog and I loved it!!
Have a fabulous week ahead:)

Mishi said...

you have just won a set of awards ashwini..chack my recent post:-)

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@Spicy Sweet: Ha ha ha :) Question of Salary - Hmm why not a few more zeroes to the right of the number please .. Anyday!! :)

@Arti: Hello and Welcome to my space. Thank you!
Keep visiting.

@Mishi: Whoa!! Finally I get the fist award for my blog! Thanks so Much. I'll come up with the post on it soon. Very much honored.

kavita said...

See, you are a winner .... Congratulations on your awards . No 10 is lucky for you :):)

Ashwini :that sky view is approxm. 80-85 ft high.

Jack said...


Read all pending posts. You made me remember when I ask our son to let me get out of some trouble while I am working on PC. Poems were nicely composed. I agree that most of us do not pay attention to those who are suffering but unfortunately it is due to many fake ones that one gets on such ignoring mode. How could he balance such a large number of plates? He should be in some Book of Records. Thanks for tips on which place to visit. Congratulations of completing 7 years and wish you many more successful years to come. This one is such a nice advice, put in your best to achieve your AIM but be happy with whatever be the result. However wish you all the best to reach 1 soon.

Take care

PS : I will visit Archana after this.

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@ Jack: Its so nice to read your comments. Yes I agree with you : the fake ones pretending to be homeless and poor to earn a buck are making us ignore the real needy. I'll try and talk wo the guy carrying those plates - will get him into some records :) Thanks for the wishes.

Keep visiting.



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