I walked past the long iron bars , hmm you can call it 'The gate', the one I walk pass by every day. Today while I do this, I was mentally preparing myself - making a note of all the emails I need to draft, the tasks that needed my attention and finally as I climb the stairs that lead to my cubicle, was just hoping for no "End of day" deadline tasks in my bucket. Friday!! and to top it the weather being kind enough to stay beautiful and awesome throughout this week had taken me out from the working mood.

Reaching the desk, first thing I did - checked my Inbox and sighed with great relief. Hip hip Hurray!! No major assignments today. Sipping some hot espresso, logged onto my blog - I was more than overwhelmed! I had recieved my first set of awards for my small space out here that I've been sharing my thoughts through. The moment I saw this Golden comment "you have just won a set of awards ashwini.. check my recent post:-) " from Mishi, I could not believe it. I went back to read the lines twice. Then on, I've been telling to myself - OOooooo Ashwini you've got an award for your blog. Not one lady, you've got 5 awards. ha ha ha:). The feeling is same as that of winning the first place in the sports day event at school. Thanks a lot Mishi for the set of awards and bringing back my school event memories. I’ve seen these little awards floating around the blogosphere lately & was flattered that it was passed along to me.

"Unveil the other side" has been in existence from Dec 2009. I started this space to rant and ramble all that I feel,hear,think and imagine of. I have had the pleasure of ”meeting” many other fabulous bloggers. Having a blog has been the perfect creative outlet and a wonderful way for me to share everything I love.

So as far as I’m informed, the rules for accepting the award are:

a. Link back to the person who passed you the award
Thanking Mishi from "My Secret Little Diary" for passing down the awards.
As she says about herself to being "Nobody for the one who reads", the first time I read her post she was true to that statement. Now as I read her posts more often I kinda know her better. She's turned from "Nobody" to a wonderful "Buddy" in this Blogworld. Keep posting!

b. Share 7 random things about yourself
#1. I don't like dressing up to office every morning, or shall I put it this way - I just get a mere 20 minutes to take bath, jump into an outfit, gulp a glass of milk and munch a bowl of corn flakes. And yes! this is after a 45 minute aerobics routine. How do you expect me to apply foundation, eye-liner, mascara, lipstick - Oh no! I run out of time if I try to do anything beyond a clean combed hairdo.

#2. I love reading - Tinkle is my favourite!

#3. Photography skills - Still in the stages of A b c. A babystep at a time I go. Some experiments are at "Unveil the Colors"

#4. My bed is a store for my hairclips and night creams. Sometimes they also hold a set of books that I am currently reading. I get scoldings for this, but I need them handy - What to do?

#5. I can't stop laughing when I think about an episode that I am about to describe.
A group of cousins had planned for a fun and thrilling experience at an amusement park in Bangalore. We were about 10 in total and had to take the city bus after a short scooter ride. We set off in a hurry so that we reach on time hoping not to miss the fun. Only after I boarded the bus did I notice the sandals on my feet, they were from different pairs :) As I pointed it out, all burst into laughter. I did not bother about it as long it did its duty of protecting my feet. :)

#6. Cooking , rather some experimenting on food is something I am passionate about. Poor chaps at home, are my first guests. Ha ha ha:)

#7. Designs - from Mehandi/Henna art on the hand to embroidary patterns, glass painting to simple pencil sketches is what I do if I get some time to spare(which is very rare cos if I do have some extra time I either sleep or watch a shitty soap on TV).

c. Answer these cute questions.

* Favourite Color: Anything in Blue! Not so long ago,half the set of my clothes were in shades of blue.
* Favourite Song: Lots of them, but if I have to mention one here its gonna be vande mataram!
* Favourite Dessert: Oooooo! As I respond to this my mouth's literally watering - Hot Rasagollas. The taste of the traditional KC das Rasagollas that I had in Calcutta a decade ago, still tickles the taste buds.
* What Pisses you off: The horrible drivers on the road.
* When You are Upset you: I sleep.
* Favourite Pet: Animal lover and I have a post of all the pets we've had at home. Check out - "Current Avatar and Tribute to the rest"
* Black or White: Mix of both to balance the hard to soft, light to dark.
* Best Feature: Eyes
* Everyday Attitude: Live today, love the present.
* What is Perfection: Many hard hits gets you into perfection.
* Guilty Pleasure: Eating a square of dark chocolate when I am supposed to be away from sweets and chocolates to shed off the extra calories to keep myself fit.But that's okay I guess 1 square should not harm. :) What if it becomes an everyday routine??

d. Award 15 blogs

Here comes the announcement. Can I hear some claps. I love reading what they write and I know I've missed a lot on this list. Doesn't mean that I dont enjoy your blog. I've been priviledged to only pass these awards to only 15 of them. :(


Sahana from "Ahamkaara"
A from "Simply speaking by "A" simple blogger"
Kavita from "My room"
Deepthi from "Like Duck to Water"
Sayesha from "Sayesha on the Rocks"
Archana from "A rupee for my thoughts"
SujathaSathya from "'Conversations' by Sujatha Sathya"
Rachna from "Rachna Says"
Irfanuddin from "APNIBOLI"
Sum from "Sum's Arena"
R Ramesh from "Global Madarasi"
Rajesh from "India Travel"
Insignia from "B Log"
Pradeepa from "Speaking thru the lens"
Bikramjit from "Me and My random thoughts"

**[Above list is in no particular order]

e. Drop them a note to tell them about it
My next job is to do that, right after publishing this post.

This brings such a lengthy post to an end.

Thanks again for all the wishes fabulous friends and Mishi - A Special Thank You!


Spicy Sweet said...

Oh my God!! So many awards!! I think I should create a separate page for it! :-D
Thanks a lot..

And the slippers incident was hilarious!

Good to know about your Ashwini.. !


hey congrats for well deserved set of wards...."UPER WALA DETAA HAI TO DIL KHOL KE DETA HAI"....thank you so much for including me here, really feeling honored...going to display them all at my space.

Bikramjit said...

Congrats on all the awards ..
and as irfan has mention Chappar Faad ke mille :) he he he

Thank you so much for forwarding them on to me .. I am honoured that you think my blog deserves that .. Thank you ..

congrats once again .. lots more to come ..


Rachna said...

Gosh, you have five at one go! That's amazing, even better than not having much work on a Friday! Thanks a lot for passing them on to me. I feel honored. I enjoy reading your blog and especially because you are a fellow Bangalorean :).

Pradeepa said...

Hi Ashwini, congrats on your bunch of awards. I can see you beaming and it makes me so happy that you have considered me for passing on the awards. But Ashwini I am sorry to say that I am not taking them. They make me feel embarrassed. You know, my photo blog is not even a month old and I think it is a bit too early to accept awards. Please don't mistake me. My biggest award is people like you visiting my blogs and leaving back comments. The chappal incident is hilarious. Even I have experienced, not one, but 2 or 3 such incidents. Once I even went to a mall here wearing my bathroom slippers. The whole evening I felt as if everyone in the mall was staring at my feet. Ashwini, thanks again for considering me for the awards.

Syn-chemist said...

Congrats, a nice blog. Really enjoyed it...Keep it up........

kavita said...

Lol to chappal incident .Good to know that you follow aerobic regime.Live today, love the present -great attitude .Loved knowing more about you .
Once again Congratulations to you :)Thanks from the bottom of my heart for thinking of me .Feel honored .

Lipsy said...

OMG my eyeing your awards...that's way too much
Congratulations ...you truly deserve them all!!

Much love and thanks for dropping lovely comments always!!

Do enter my giveaway here

A said...

Firstly congratulations :)))) You deserved it. It made your weekend :)))

Secondly thanks....I deserve it too :)))))

I thought wearing different color sandals in a pair was fashion.........well let us say it is )))

Sujatha Sathya said...

Congrats Ashwini on d flood of awards for ur wonderful blog!! like i once said in an earlier comment, u r a complete package & u deserve each of these awards. :))

today has been an incredible day :) i love 29th July 2011!!!! thanks Ashwini for remembering me & honoring me with d awards...m smilin smilin smilin

Rajesh said...

Thank you and congratulations to all.

Mishi said...


Insignia said...

Congrats on all the awards :)

It was nice to know a little about you. Blue is my fav too. And getting ready to office - 20 mins is what I take. Forget combing, I dont do that also. I have a short haircut and it gives a different look even if uncombed. Works to my advantage

Oh let me stop blabbering. Congrats again and thank you for passing them to me

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@Spicy Sweet: Even I was not able to handle them. Was thinking of creating a separate page for it. I cant stop laughing about the slippers incident..:)

@Irfan: "Uparwala deta hai to chappad faad ke deta hai". - sahi mein.

@Bikram: Thanks!

@Rachna: Yep we share the happening city and I enjoy your posts too.

@Pradeepa: You have a wonderful space. Though you are relatively new I kinda think your site deserves the recognition.
You are so like me - bathroom slippers to a mall :) Oh God! I can do them as well some day.

@ Syn-chemist: Welcome to "Unveil the other side". Its nice to know that you liked this little thought sharing space of mine.

@Kavita: Thank you! And haaa aerobics keep me fresh. I dont dare miss them unless am sick.

@Lipsy : Thank you Thank you! Keep visitng. I'll defintely check the giveaway.

@A : Agree! - Lets be the creators of such fashion.

@Sujatha Sathya: Congratulations and yes I love 29th July 2011 as well. Thanks for your wonderful comment.

@ Rajesh: I envy you cos you get to travel so much and click all that you see. Congratulations and keep the posts coming as you've always been doing.

@Mishi: Thanks again:)

@Insignia: A lot in common between the two of us. Thank you!

Sum said...

Thanks Ash for those lovely awards.. and congrats to u too :)
Loved your attitude in the slippers case! And my bed used to once resemble yours, with all my fav stuff there!


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