Not wise anymore!

Now the question was I ever wise to lose it. Wisdom as the dictionary puts - is the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment or the quality of being wise. Also known otherwise as sagacity/sapience/prudence/intelligence.

Okay let me put it straight, I had my left lower and upper wisdom teeth extracted last week. That's how poor me lost wisdom.:(

Sometime in 2002 or 2003 I had got the right ones extracted and so was already half wise when I went in for this surgery. Doctor was sweating up while I rest patiently watching the entire extraction process in the mirror. The sight of pliers , bone-cutters, the syringe did not bother me much this time. It was the lower one that tested doctor's patience. Grilling and cutting continued while I rest there with numb lips and jaw. He was talking dento-medical terms citing the details of the wisdom tooth - I vaguely remember the word -

People who know me well know the fact that I don't give up easily. While I had some time yesterday I thought of looking up what did the doctor actually mean. Was it worth a removal?

Wisdom teeth commonly affect other teeth as they develop, becoming impacted or "coming in sideways." They are often extracted when this occurs.

Impacted wisdom teeth (i.e., those that have failed to erupt through the gum line) fall into one of several categories:

Mesioangular impaction is the most common form (44%), and means the tooth is angled forward, towards the front of the mouth.

Vertical impaction (38%) occurs when the formed tooth does not erupt fully through the gum line.

There you go the its Distoangular Impaction that the doctor was referring to.
Distoangular impaction (6%) means the tooth is angled backward, towards the rear of the mouth.

Horizontal impaction (3%) is the least common form, which occurs when the tooth is angled fully 90 degrees sideways, growing into the roots of the second molar.

The typical me photographed the extracted teeth on my cellphone.


Bikramjit said...

Thankfully I still have all my teeth , once they came back
but that doesnot make me intelligent or wise at all


KParthasarathi said...

That was a short lesson on dentistry.I trust they will fix soon new ones in lieu of the extracted teeth and restore the lost wisdom!!

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@Bikram: You lucky one and the wise one too...

@Kparthasarathi: ha ha ha:) It was indeed a short lecture. Nopes they dont replace the tooth.. so no wisdom too...:(

Jack said...


OMG, you had to undergo this! Brave girl. And such wisdom to take photographs also.

Take care



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