Good read in the recent times...

I have been reading a lot these days , rather months. The list has a lot in the pipeline. Not that I am a voracious reader neither fan of top selling books. I walk into a bookstore , check the rack that contains new collection, pick a book that my bed doesn't own currently, turn to the blurb , read the few lines, if it sounds interesting - hits the cart.

One of my recent reads , the "Life of a Software Engineer [LOSER]" by Dipen Ambalia.

I don't recommend this book if you are looking for great English or High Vocab. Its a light read with a little fun. I am not marketing this piece of work nor do I get any benefits in posting about the book down here. Thought I should put my frank opinion of the book and here it is.

Loser was hilarious.  I could relate almost every word he has put into it. It really talks of the industry I and many like me come from. Dipen has the guts to word everything that he has in this book. I loved the way he compares simple little things like desi roads with the videsi 4 lanes and kinds of movies the Non onsite guys watch and those movies the onsite returns watch.

I bet this is a book that every software engineer need to read. Thanks for the wonderful read Dipen.

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Ranjana's craft blog said...

I will read this. Thanks for sharing

Jack said...


I have added this to my list of Wanted.

Take care



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