Cheers to the New Year 2013!

Wishing all you there a very happy new year 2013.

Each year brings a lot of memories with it. Hope the year passing by has left you with lots to cherish and let the one beginning in a few hours bring in all joy and happiness. The only reason people hold on to memories is because memories are the only thing that don't change when everything else does.

This is my 200th post . So there is a second reason to cheer for. Happy reading and bearing with my nonsensical posts as well.:)


Jack said...


Congratulations on reaching DOUBLE CENTURY. Hope you continue scoring more and faster. Hope that 2013 is SAFE for everyone.

Take care

KParthasarathi said...

Hearty congratulations on your 200th post, a milestone indeed!!
Best wishes for a very happy and prosperous year



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