Halloween memories.

Halloween is here! Oh no .. are the days spinning faster than it should. I remember the Halloween of 2009 crystal clear. Admiring the colors of fall in West coast of the states , walking down in the chill weather with a camera in my gloved hands, trying to capture the beauty of nature, accompanied by a friend who was even better when it comes to photography.

The very thought of Halloween brings back so many memories of the far land that was my home for a year. The trick-or treat was the best part when kids from the neighborhood knock at your door threatening you to hand over candies else to be ready for their mischief and pranks.

Its Halloween and how can you forget Yellow pumpkins. I remember the carvings made of them and placed in all the shopping malls and markets. I could find a click of uncarved huge pumpkins and here it is.

Copyright: A.N Photography

Happy Halloween!


Jack said...


One should always cherish the fond memories.

Take care

Bikramjit said...

Happy Halloweeen to you tooo


Santosh bs said...

Indiblogger meet happening in bangalore. (I saw your comment on my earlier meet post, so thought of informing you).

details here -

Ranjana's craft blog said...

Though I haven't experienced this...but love those carvings on pumpkin...Thanks for sharing



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