Technology and its fate.

There was a time when owning a transistor was termed a luxury. Then came in the radio, television, telephone and then the era of mobile/Cell phones evolved.

Today even a school going kid holds a fashionable latest model cell phone. So that is where the technology stands in today's world.

When I talk about mobiles I don't miss an opportunity to mention the brand that ruled the market until recently in the mobile world ~ Nokia. I prefer them even though I don't own one today. The sturdy break-free phones if ever manufactured, it is from the Nokias. How many of you remember those initial days phones which resembled the cordless phones - huge and bulky. I don't have to mention the call cost . Hell we were charged even for the calls we received. Forget about getting charged for receiving calls, we even had to shell out for the messages received. Do you believe that. You have to!

Now why did I start writing about the mobile phones...
After seeing the below picture I don't have to explain much. These two cell phones are owned by the same colleague of mine. He does not want part with the one that's glittering all blue, however he is in love with the Samsung galaxy tab he bought recently :)

Copyright: A.N Photography


Jack said...


Technology moves so fast that by the time you catch up with one it is at two. Nokia is still the best, I think as I still have that.

Take care

Bikramjit said...

very true.. latest gadgets have become a fashion statement ..

I somehow had a fone that i used for 3 -4 yars and my friends and all had got tired of it .. so thankfully one lovely person gifted me a samsung s3 .. so yeah now i look modern tooo :)

he he heh e


Insignia said...

In market; however best the product; if the company doesnt understand the pulse of the consumer and makes changes to their product portfolio fails...this is what happened to Nokia...Its sad; just good products they gave

Anonymous said...

Ash, are you getting married?

-- mahesh


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