Missing in Action

I know I've been completely off from blogging.. Past couple of weeks have been hectic - both in my personal and professional front. Will be back soon with all the pending stuffs I need to rant about.

Dropped here to say a hi to all those friends whose blogs I crave to read. I'll be hopping there soon.

I'd like to share a photo from one of my archives till I get back to routine blogging.

This photo was clicked on my mobile. A rainbow on the wheel is what I call this capture.A busy market lane, on a Saturday evening is a feast for any amateur photographer. I'd love to head back to those streets with my camera.

Copyright: A.N Photography.


Ranjana's craft blog said...

I was wondering where was Ashwini. Missed yo, waiting for your posts
-Ranjana Shankar

Bikramjit said...

Take care and see you sooon


Jack said...


Looking forward to your being regular. A very good photograph.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Missing your blogs, but waiting patiently. Take your time



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