Complete the kahani... 1!

Many a times I would start with a story and wind up half way thorugh as I dont know how to take it forward or the plot becomes too complex, rather I am bombarded with hell lot of other stuff to do. Thats when an idea struck which is the sane reason of why am writing this post. I'll post the unfinished story here and will leave it upto you readers to finish it up. Lets see if this brings in some fun. If it does will continue else stop the kahaani marathons.

Responses are deliberately kept in moderation and you'll have to wait until I post them all on next monday. *Wink* *Wink* *Wink*
Folks we also need a Tiltle for the Kahaani ! So here you go..

"The month of July was fast approaching and GP Iyengar's apartment was filled with a mixture of feelings ~ anxiety, happiness and celebrations. Sreelatha the youngest daughter of the couple GuruPrasad Iyengar and Subhadra Iyengar, was to be married off to an NRI guy who is more than settled in the far west of America, a small town in the bay area. Vignesh Murthy the current prospect talked about, lived there from almost a decade now. Having seen the ups and downs of the market, he had also survived the worst hit recession two years ago. Murthy had met Sreelatha's elder brother Mukund in a Indian food joint "Cafe bar-India" that hosted a variety of south Indian delicacies ranging from Dosas to idlis, vadas to pakoras and what not.

Two years ago Mukund had been sent to his office headquarters located at Main street, Sunny vale. He worked in Chennai most of his tenure, but was sent to the headquarters for the annual conference summit almost every year since his joining. It was during one of those conference trips where he happened to meet Murthy in a small accident. He actually bumped onto Murthy while placing an order for a butter masala dosa at "Cafe bar-India". After apologising for the nasty quick turn he took which spilled the masala curry from Murthy's plate all over his trousers, Mukund introduced himself and offered Murthy the charge for the laundry. Murthy accepted the apologies but refused to take the money. His humble nature striked his personality and Mukund immediately shook hands with him. Little did they know of each other, however their gestures got them comfortable at the first go. They exchanged numbers and Mukund was invited over for dinner the next day.

Mukund made it right in time for the appointment. He was welcomed by a cheerful Murthy who helped him to be comfortable around. Murthy rushed to check the rice that was cooking in the kitchen He handed Mukund a glass of Californian fine prune juice to sip on until dinner was ready. Murthy had managed to buy a simple villa in the Mission hills which had great connectivity to the caltrains.The house wasn't great as one of those homes shown on famous TV shows. Yet it had a beautiful lawn, spread in front of the entrance door. The red brick wall gave a rustic look on the front view. The interiors were carefully hand-picked by him on various destination visits both while in India and in abroad. There was an antique chandelier at the center of the living room which when illuminated brought a royal touch to the space he lived in. Mukund's cell phone cut through the soothing music that filled the room. It was GP Iyengar's long distance call. Mukund picked with a "Good morning". He conveyed his schedule for the return journey, also made a note of all the goodies he needed to carry back. 

Murthy got busy with the final touches to his recepies. After his quick little chat with his father, Mukund explored the portico and viewed the sun set behind the hills. That was a best view for a photographer to click his masterpiece, he thought. Murthy joined him to see the royal sun calling it a day rather late during this period of the year. The clock showed 10 past 8 PM. They spoke about family, traditions and US most of their dinner time. Mukund left on a happy note leaving behind the number he'd be using back in India."


Rachna said...

How is "A Chance Encouter" for the title? And, I am really bad at writing stories, so I will leave it for the more gifted ones :).

Bikramjit said...

hmmmmmmmmm right i read this and thought and thought a lotttt.. this can go in so many stories..

but i would like it to be a happy story , murthy calls his friend in india sometime later and mukund proposes the hand of his sister i beleive , hence all the celebrations ..

friends meet and families get together , marriage takes place :)

I know a quick end to the story but i like happy endings ..


ritesh said...

Nice idea i must say

Jack said...


I will write what happened next in a couple of days. OK?

Take care

KParthasarathi said...

A nice idea
Will it be just completing the story in the next part or a serial like taken forward by readers?
If it is only 2nd part will you choose the best or post all the endings?



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