Just for smiles(1)!

This one is doing rounds on FB. Liked the creativity so much that I could not stop myself from putting it down here. [Creator : Unknown.]

Gandhiji's attire on a 10 rupee note can be so delicately changed to match the season. I never thought about it.

Just for smiles! Here's the look.


Bikramjit said...

:) yeah
but do you know its a crime to deface the currency note :)
Look good though ...

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines day!


ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@Bikram: Very true. I recently read an article which mentioned the figures of currency lost due to defacing currency notes. The number touched NNNN crores. That is really huge. However this one was on the lighter note:)

@Mahesh: Thanks!

Dee........ said...

haha :) funny !
i wont complain to any authority :P :D
Real fun :D
Defacing Gandhi image is not a great sin compared to watching porn in assembly and bribing officials :P :D

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@Dee: Thank you so much for dropping by... And yeah way much better than watching porn in the middle of an assembly !!!!



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