Destiny - Chapter 3: Friends meet.

Shilpa, a chirpy bubbly girl from Delhi - the same city as of Aadhya, was presently working at the "Bank of West" after her arrival in the States. She got married a year ago to Mayank Bhansal, a so called rich MNC employee and had immediately joined him after the rituals. After Shilpa came and settled in Chicago, she continued to be in contact with her close friend Aadhya. In a way it was Shilpa who helped Aadhya gain confidence in herself and come over to the states for a better career.

"Helloooo Aadhyaaa. Finally you decided to fly down here. Feels so good to meet you after such a long time. Hope you had no problems and your baggage is allright. By the way Mayank was about to join but you know these service oriented companies and their deadlines..." Excited Shilpa said in a single shot.

"Hi Shilpa. Very nice to meet you too. I had a safe journey and everything was smooth and clear especially with the help offered by Mr. Gautam"

As Aadhya turned to point to this gentleman who helped her all this while, he was gone.

"Who did you say it was? Mr. Gautam??

"Yes, He introduced himself to be Gautam. Probably he had to leave. Anyway can we go home. I need some fresh hot stew. Feeling damn hungry"

"Were you not served with food on the plane lady"

"Oh it was so filthy sickening that I almost puked over the plate."

The next yellow cab in line was theirs and Shilpa gives out her address.

"Ok hurry, Bay 5 , Lane NE 6th , SnowPark Apartments"

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Bikramjit said...

hmmm something is breweing up with shilpa and gautum I can sense it ..


ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@Bikram: Aaah! some interesting stuff Ain't it...



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