Destiny - Chapter 5: Sweet Little Journey.

Aadhya picked her phone and re-dialled the last number. Yes it was Gautam. They had got closer from friends to buddies and now madly in love with each other.

"Guess What?" in a high exclamation

"Tell me what is it Aadhya?"

"I have a job and I need to start work this Monday at the Blair's."

"That is a wonderful news. Lets celebrate over at the coffee bar. Come over at 5 and I'll pick you up from Market area."

"Sounds great.I'll be there. See you soon."

Aadhya is waiting in front of Maria Bakers. She is all excited about the new job. Shilpa was returning home after the days work and she spots Aadhya on the other side of the road. Shilpa crossed at the junction and waved her hand signalling from this side to that. Aadhya was so happy to see her friend. She hugged her and revealed the news of the new job.

"Hey Shilpa, I have been offered a job at the Blair's Publications.I was about to call you after your work time. It is great to meet you here."

"Wow! That is a very good news. I am so happy for you. This demands a party."

"Shilpa, do you mind joining us over the celebration?"

"Us? Who else are you partying with?"

"Oh I completely forgot to tell you about Gautam. Remember the gentleman I spoke about. I met him at the airport. We are going great together. It would be nice if Mayank can join in too."

"Hmmm Mayank is busy till late in the night. I will hang out with you guys. I need to check on your Mr. Perfect right.." Giggles.

Aadhya spots a message on her cell phone.
Delivered from Gautam.
Hey, I got a little late.
Can you please take a cab
to the cross-section of
pike and 4th Avenue.

Table 8, CoffeeShop
around the corner.

Response to Gautam:
Sure Honey.
Wait for a surprise!

Shilpa accompanied Aadhya and they reached the venue in about 10 minutes. They walk into the coffeeshop. Aadhya spots Table 8 and sees Gautam busy with a magazine. She runs to him and Shilpa follows. "Hello Aadhyaaa.." And he goes blank as his eyes fell on Shilpa.

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Bikramjit said...

right now the mystery will soon be over , I wonder what is going on between the TWo

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KParthasarathi said...

Waiting with bated breath to know more.

Rachna said...

Previous boyfriend or lover?

maliny said...

wow that was intriguing ! looking forward to the next part :)

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@Bikram: Yes the ultimatum is almost arriving.

@KParthsarathi: Next soon to be there.

@Rachna: You'll find that out soon.

@Maliny: Welcome to my space and thanks for those lovely words. Hope you'll like the final episode too.

banti said...

-Good piece of information.



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