On Road - The Happenings!

Of late Sis and I have been travelling by car to and fro office and the reason behind this post is to let people know the fun we've been going through doing this. Pun intended as well not. Am I confusing you with such an open ended statement?

It all started about 3 weeks ago with my job change. 30 kilometers daily, one way though, in a rush mad city like Bangalore is no joke for an individual who performs the 8 hour work routine - 5 days a week. Since this routine would be shared by 2 of us, car pooling did not sound a bad idea. It also happened to work this way out mainly because there is no transportation facility provided by the new company. The jams and the chaotic drivers on the streets drive us crazy every day. Not to forget crackpots who plunge out of nowhere right in front of the wheels of our mighty Santro Xing. Auto fellows zoom-on to equal Narain Karthikeyan!

The gigantic Hi-tech buses flood this city's roads every day and its drivers declare themselves the king of the roads. OMG! I can’t explain the skills they've acquired or inherited to pull the vehicle that is so huge up and ahead of the rest on the road. Between the rock and roll of variety vehicles our xing walks the ramp making sure she is safe and so are her contents.

The monsoon's set in early and this is causing more havoc than before. It adds to the mess of the construction work that's going on every nuke and corner of the city.

In those irritating moments of our jam packed travel routines what we enjoy the most is the giggles and laughs we sisters share. I am road phobic since my childhood and I've iterated this several times before. That being the case, you can imagine the amount of chaos I am capable of creating. Surprisingly I've been okay except a few occasions. Instead of accepting the fault being mine I've tried to push it onto the fellow riders and the poor pedestrians.

Radio stations are another mode of entertainment unless they play the same crappy songs over and over again. There are a few jockeys we like to hear for their simple and smart presentation on air. If this also gets to the state of boredom we have to find other targets to comment about - maybe a cycle wala who is pedaling giving all his strength of life, or a hub of autos making it impossible for any other vehicle to pass through - Chakravyuha, or remembering the days spent with our Hayabusa on confronting a lady driving her scooty with full power.

Once on the backward journey late in the evening we were caught up in a packed road and the signals did not show signs of turning green. Sis on the wheels and greeting her was a musical mosquito singing a song getting her chafed to the extent which got her reflexes so right that it was the last sec the mosquito ever opened its stinging mouth. The lad lied smashed against the front glass shield of the xing and the thought of trapping it in my cellphone memory card with a quick snap was performed religiously. To get a cleaner shot Sis grabbed my phone and set the zoom out feature to enable the capture to be the perfect one.

Meanwhile there were on lookers of what was going on inside the car but were not able to understand what we've been trying to capture They all carried a puzzled look and their heads moved constantly from the camera position to the sky, a couple of times.This got Sis and me into more giggles and laughter.

That’s the story of our juggling between home and work now-a-days.


veena krishnakumar said...

Ah!!!you sisters are having a great time i guess. Enjoying even the chaos!!!!!!!!good. Do be careful of the traffic though.

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ said...

Thanks Veena!


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