!!Change for Good!!

New Place , New Environment and to spice it up People say "Change is inevitable and growth is Intentional". Here I am in the phase of life where there is some change to note it down. Yes! Its the job or I could put it better this way - The time I spend during the day, to earn a living, is now being spent in a completeltly different place. Its been a while since I wanted this change but was waiting for the right move and the right time. When the tasks you perform gets into a monotonous routine, it rather does no good, but indeed help the dislike percentage to raise in every aspect. Same was my state couple of months ago and thats when I decided to sign up in the famous Job hunt sites.

Peter Drucker - a management guy has said " Company cultures are like country cultures. never try to change one.Try, instead, to work with what you've got". To this I add another clause " If it doesn't work with you , its time to move on."

As I believe in my own preachings , I follow them faithfully. Thats the reason today , I am standing where I am.

Many people view the job change as a way of promoting themselves to a better position. And in most cases, I would agree. However, you should always be sure your new job offers you the means to satisfy your values. While there is no denying the strategic virtues of selective job changing for the purpose of career leverage, you want to make sure the path you take will lead you where you really want to go.

The motive behind this article is purely to let you all know that I have accepted the change in a positive way and everything is settled quite well in the new work environment. Its been a week and slowly things have fallen into the right places. I am liking the feeling of being the part of this organization and hoping the liking lasts long. Having said that its time I get back to some piece of work on my plate.

You'll see me back when I have something to rant about.


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