Cent Story1: Engrossed!

There she lies on bed reading the thriller she'd borrowed from Mrs. Iyer living next door.

Her gaze stuck to the mid pages, Krupa was completely engrossed in the chapter "Theft".

Dwaraki returned from work early that evening. There was no response from Krupa in spite of numerous door bells.  He opened the window of drawing room, tried to get the spare keys that lay on the table, by stretching his hands. There was a sudden shriek of a known voice. That's when Krupa realized her folly.

Dwaraki was discharged a week later after his forelimbs were back to normal.

Cent Stories: I have seen people writing Fiction 55's and similar short stories with fixed minimum words. So in the same lines cent stories are those with an exact 100 words. This is the first one. There will be more coming.


Jack said...


Thank God, you are back. I was getting worried. Short but good one with lesson not to get engrossed in something so much that one loses normal senses.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Nice, after a long time. Worth a wait!


Bikramjit said...

ohhh that would have hurt .. I would not be happy with Krupa for sure


ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@Jack: Thanks a lot! I will be back soon. Thank you so much for the

@Mahesh: Thank you!

@Bikram: he he he:)


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