Onam - a fresh one this year

The season of festivals is just round the corner. It was Onam last week. Last year I had a story of how different onam had been to me. Come this year, it was no less. It was a fun filled day at office.

So what was unique that made the day stand out from the rest. With a mail sent out to everyone in the organization about just 20 hours before the events brought a rise in activities on all floors. I could hear whispers, tittles and tattles about each of the 3 events - Pookolam, No-fire cooking [yes literally no fire was to be used, no microwave too :) ] and Best traditionally dressed person.

It was decided that a group of 6 would make a team for both pookolam and no-fire cooking competitions. I was a part of the latter group and I tell you leading a project is cent percent easier than thinking something on the fly to cook without fire. Finally we had a menu fixed just before we left from office but was not sure how we'd pull it off. The plan was to have a fruit chat as the starter, a bread dahi vada and a biscuit sweet to finish it off . If that sounds interesting so be it. Check the photo to increase your craving. Let me tell you it did taste great too.Oh well we did not win because there were two more teams who proved their culinary skills slightly better than us.

A glimpse of the flower decoration or the pookolam is here to share.

And what made the day even more eventful is me winning the best taditionally dressed lady. Now don't ask for a picture as I dont have one that can be put up here.


Kinara :) said...

Oh I've never seen any of onam's celebrations!:(
Gal, the no-fire is really tricky challenge.:)
Kudos for winning the best dressed award!:):D

Bikramjit said...

Happy onam .. i know late


Jack said...


A very healthy competitive way to celebrate festival. Better luck next time to win.

Take care


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