To College on my Hayabusa!

Finally the struggle of a couple of hundered days ended on this BIG day. Happiness knew no bounds when the correspondent on the other end keying in some information into the computer announced that I have the seat confirmed for R V college of Engineering , stream - Instrumentation Technology. Dad heaved a sigh of relief. 10 years wind up since this incident, but the pain of courseware and the frightening entrance exam still leaves me with horrifying night dreams.

With the admission process coming to an end, I was tagged as RV'ite (All students of RV college are better known so). First day in college is the day that will remain in memory forever Oct 3rd 2000 - Prof M.R Holla addressing the fresh cream from the millenium batch (seated in the huge auditorium -basically the basket ball court). His words were definitely mightier and sharper than the sword. No kidding here. The power in his voice shaked everyone present there and left a thinking cap on each head.

Leaving the serious note aside for a while let me share the happiness of the arrival of my new 2 wheeler.
Reaching college was quite a big deal 10 years ago, especially from the place I live. Remotely connected by public transport to the city limits then , it would take a cool 1 hour or sometimes even more which included the brisk walks I had to do inbetween the bus rides. Dad one day told that as a token of gift he would shell out some hard earned money from his savings and I had the priviledge to choose one from the list box.

i) Computer

ii) 2 Wheeler

iii) Gold chain (some sort of a necklace)

Rejected the first and the last option from the list.

Reasons - Computer was not that an essential gadget that point of time. Not bread and jam for an Instrumentation stream student.

- Gold Chain! :) oh God! it would have cost definitely 7 times its worth now. But no regrets. I was in no enthusiasm to have a flashy chain around my neck those days anyways.

2 wheeler (a gadi for myself)..hhhhhmm! that was the best one and the right one which fit the situation perfectly. The choice being opted next in question was, which one do I go for? Kinetic honda, Sunny, Kinetic Marvel were all the auto mopeds which were ruling the era. TVS - Scooty was also gearing up its stake in the market presence. I was not sure about the performance though. Dad inquired a few and decided on plunging into the TVS Scooty - the make of 2000 and order was placed. Unlike the wait these days we got the delivery within a weeks time.

Here she arrives the glamorous and gorgeous Green TVS Scooty - EB 7961 - thats the number she stood with competing the other 2 contestants - Bajaj Chetak that Dad owned and a Hero Puch trained by my cousin. Soon my Scooty was crowned the winner, consequences of this winning - both of them (Dad and cousin) had to go in for an exchange to upgrade their bikes.

The route to college, one of the best scenic drives ever, 4 years amidst the greens, morning drives cool breeze, music of chirping birds with the freshness of the dew drops made the start of the day perfect... am missing them all. Zooming through the roads leading to the now known 4 lane mysore road I reached college on time everyday with less or no hazzles at all. My record time of 7 minute 40 seconds is definitely a dream now on that very same route. I say this with a great concern as the roads are not the same anymore, less of road seen and more of potholes cropped up, it could be a clean 20 minute ride. You are lucky if you get away without a flat tyre.
Seasons changed and with it the roads too , it looked more beautiful every season in its own authentic way. Snakes,lizards,chameleons were some regular visitors on these routes , seemed like they took their fitness regime more strictly than the joggers ( who were finding it hard to build up stamina). No Traffic signal and no traffic jams ,it isn't a dream, was a reality for those 4 years of my college rides.
The day it rained I liked the drive even more as I could drench in the water thats so pure , could hear the cuckoo of the bird on the mango trees, could smell the fresh water drops on the heated soil. Friends who owned the much heavy bikes always called my lady - The "HAYABUSA"(sarcasm implied). She of course was sturdy and flexible , strong and hep. She was comfortable with all my friends and they enjoyed her company as much I did. She joined us to many places - commercial street and jayanagar - the most hanged out spots. She joined us to buy the resistors ,capacitors and the IC's from SP road for the project we scored 90 +. I give her share of credit happily for being there and supporting me throughout.

Fatigue, wear and tear is a part and parcel of one's life. My lady Hayabusa was no exception. She at times gave up saying its high time I get some attention. A quick visit to the doctor(the mechanic), she would revive back to the strong lady again, helping me out all the time. She was there during the gala times, pulling two and sometimes three of us making it a cherishing incident to be remembered over and over again.

I completed my 4 years of the course and had to stop taking the route that kept me full of life always, but the quintessencial she (Lady hayabusa) still continued to travel the same route accompanying my sis.[Sis was now a RV 'ite :)]. They shared the next 4 magical years of bonding adding more tales to her biography. After 10 years of bonding with me and my sis, she had to part ways from us. Probably she got bored staying back at home idle for a few months with very little adventure. She decided to move out in search of new buddy one fine day.

I was not willing to let her go to anyone just like that. Luck turned to my favor when Dad had found a new owner for the Lady Hayabusa. She is now gone and happily merrying out there in the city with her buddy! Though we miss her, my New Silver Activa has won our hearts filling the void.

- Ashwini

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