Corporate Dressing!

Are you sitting on your bed wide awake in the middle of the night ruining your peaceful sleep and the reason thats killing your sleep - "The thought of the menu which need to head the breakfast table next morning", maybe something more of the odds like "What outfit to dive into in a couple of hours?". Sometimes it gets even worse with the silly questions loitering in the brain shell, the kinds like "Do I have the exact change for the ticket,so as to enjoy the bus ride with no hazzles tomorrow?", "Is the car fuel empty to its dry point, did the needle go unnoticed at the end of hectic schedule today?"

Do these ever end??????

We get worried of such subtle things every night, thinking of the morning that's due. The mornings are probably spared for serious matters to be tackled. My way of dealing such random thoughts is to kick them hard into the lonely backyard and snooze back to my sweet dream. How about throwing some light and sharing my views on the topic of "Appropriate Dressing to work".

The very thought of dressing appropriate to work in today's time has more than just the implied meaning to it - being more professional. What's appropraite and what's professional? Simple and no confusion. It's something as per the policy. Yes, Dress code policies are twined to the behavioural aspects in most of the top rated companies today in order to develop discipline, I quite dont understand the funda here though. By doing so do they mean that the ones dressed casually [unless being provocative] are indecent! :) . It's ridiculous to the core.

India is a house of multiple traditions and valued customs with diversified climate potrayed in varied geographical areas. It is a calm host for the people who have silently adopted to these naturally and artificially sustained changes in the environment,thus ending up with more of patterns and variety in Fashion. The exposure to western lifestyle adds up to the trends flying around as well.

Men who venture out to work jumps into a pair of trousers and pulls on a shirt that goes along with it. That ends the choice list, however a few add on a blazer to match the status-quo. A tie completes the suit by the way, but never a mandate.

Feline and fashion double each other. I belong to this category, so can scribble intricate details that highlights the discussion. Especially when I think of dressing myself for a casual day at office, options can vary from a 6 yard cloth (of silk,cotton or any other fabric available) to a classy professional A-skirt coupled with blazer. As read in a recent survey the most common and comfortable dressing in India is the salwar kameez. Ranked next is the saree,a pair of trousers with a matching shirt stands third.

Here's something I want to share about wearing saree to work in the recent times:
Recently when I draped myself in a delicately designed saree to work, was shocked to hear on the comments that accompanied me to all places I stopped by that day. Most annoying were from the ones who eaglerly waited to know the reason or the occasion. Disgrace! Saree is becomming a dress of the past in office culture and gradually loosing its authenticity. Presence of Saree is rarely witnessed on normal working days in corporate environment. Come an ethnic day or any festival around, its not surprising if one sees loads of ramp walks happening [which also indicates less work being accomplished:)]. Does this act fall short of any shame? The notion people carry with them is probably reflected in their words. Often I have heard a lot of newbies say "Saree" is some old fashioned garment but isn't saree the true Indian costume? Why dont we start making our mark stronger? I am not an activitist or any of the sort, only pouring my views.;)

Anyways there were a few healthy compliments that outshined the comments I received the very same day. As I walked down the aisle a co-worker said "we have someone keeping our tradition alive" , "Seems like we have a true Indian lady here" was expressive too. Thanks to them and their encouraging views. According to me appropriate dressing accounts to comfortablity from both ends.

How about you dropping by to say something from your experience or whats your take on today's dressing?

I better take a quick nap now, so as to deliver the best of me tomorrow.


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