To the city of sky scrapers - Part 2 [Fiction]

Mridula, Rahul's mom was packing a bottle of his favorite mango pickle, a packet of jeera Khakra*, some delicious home made laddoos as he was finding it difficult to decide on the pair of shoes he'd carry. Rajatha mausi brought a typical south Indian rasam mix which she had learnt after she settled down in Bangalore that is like about 15 years now. That mix was almost an instant recepie. She had also taken the pain of writing
down the steps Rahul need to take while he prepared it. When she was explaining this , Jhanvi his badi bua [Aunt] handed a set of hand-knit woolen gloves in the shades of blue [Again his favorite color].

An announcement jerked him up. "All passengers travelling by flight number XX1290 taking off to New York are requested to move to Gate number 2 for boarding." That was his flight and he had to leave now.

Waved his hands with a grin on his face as he reached the escalator. His eyes were moist as he alighted the escalator. There was a minor tumble. Rahul slipped a couple of steps. He made it safe after a gentleman held him tight by his arm.

Rahul: "Thank you very much Sir..."
Manikanthan: " Oh thats alright Dear. First time?"

Rahul: " Yes Sir. Heading to New York for a research assignment.By the way am Rahul"
Manikanthan: "That's Excellent. I have a company this time. And I am Manikanthan"

Both exchanged smiles.

Rahul turned back to see if he could sight his family. Beep Beep. That should be Shipra. Yes it was. Before he could open the message a number started flashing It was Jhanvi Aunty calling. He received the call and responded in a jiffy as he boarded the flight..

"Yes Aunty . I am safe. Don't worry Aunty..."
"I will call.Sure...."
"Take care Aunty.."
"Love you all"...

The call ended.

He rushed to the inbox again to check Shipra's message.

" Sir please switch off your cellphones. All Electronic gadgets are to be shut down for a safe departure." - A humble request was made by an elegant air hostess.

Rahul had to oblige and so the message remained unread.

To be continued....

Previous Part ~ Part 1     

Notes: *Khakra is a snack similar to crepes but a little stiff in texture.                                          

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