To the city of sky scrapers - Part 1 [Fiction]

Yes, that was the last time he had a glimpse of his entire family. Mist filled eyes, a heart pounding with emotions of happiness and anxiety , a spiked ache of leaving the dear ones to fulfill his dreams. That pretty much describes how Rahul felt as he stood on the other-side of the Departure Gate waving his hands after having checked in his two large suitcases at Bangalore International airport. He held his boarding pass and passport in his hands. Chetan, his best friend had come to bid a farewell and wish him luck. Shipra [Lets talk about her later] could not make it to the airport. "Damn the !^#&* airlines. All their flights depart at midnight or even weirdo hours." muttered Rahul.

Rahul's dad Randeep, a cloth merchant, hailed from a small town named Vidyapura . Rahul was the first one travelling abroad and it was definitely a prestigious event not only for the household but for the entire village. Kiran chaacha , Rahul's uncle was a learned man, it was under his supervision Rahul had reached this milestone in life. Mangala University sponsors a scholarship every year for the most deserving candidate. Rahul, a brilliant boy, had been unanimously chosen by the entire faculty and the board of directors, this year.

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Standing there separated by a glass door Rahul recollects the events from the day his visa was stamped. He had less than a week to travel.

To be continued..

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