Thursday Challenge - 3 [Wooden]

Huge Wooden structures in one of those long allies of Seattle.

The next one here are wooden OAK Barrels from a distillary. It contains one of the finest Bourbon. Lucky to have visited one of the distillary while in the States and it was very interesting to know the history and process of making Bourbon whiskey. Do you know how the whiskey actually gets that pungent smell?? - Of course the fermentation but there is yet some credit charred Barrels. You can read more here.

That is how you stack the barrels over X's which withstands the weight for longer periods.

And now the last one from my collection is a wooden dry-stand[that's what I call it] built to sun-dry either fish, clothes or any find from the sea. It was a wonderful piece of work to find.

You can find more photos on the theme at "Thursday Challenge".


ritesh said...

Whats this Thursday challenge all about

Jack said...


Good photographs and informative too. What about other days than Thursdays?

Take care

Rita said...

Ashwini, thank you for playing the Thursday Challenge and visiting my blog post.

I have spent the last quarter hour hopping around all three of your blogs and I was very entertained. I enjoyed your perspective on some of your photos. Your narrative is both unique and interesting.

The fact that you are from a different country then me added some spice and excitement to your post for me.

I am an old woman with weak eyesight so I did however find the font you choose hard to read. And on your color blog the bright circles of color were distracting from the photos and also made the text harder for me to read.

I will be popping back from time to time. I hope you will also visit me occasionally as well.

KParthasarathi said...

Oh,you had been to Seattle.Great

Rachna said...

Interesting clicks!

Bikramjit said...

good pics.. I liked the last one and offocurse the barrels hic hic :)


ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@Ritesh: Check out the link in the post to know more of Thursday challenge.. Its fun do participate..

@Jack: Thank you.. Its a Thursday to start with.. Let me get into the other days slowly..

@Rita: Firstly, thanks for dropping by and for hopping around my blogs.. Well I've tried to redo the design, please provide feedback and I can change if something needs to.. Thanks for letting me know.

@KParthasarathi: Yeah was in Seattle for about a year..

@Rachna: Thanks!!

@Bikram: I knew this would be your take..:)



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