The work is a reward in itself. When your work gets recognised and you are awarded with a title as precious as "Awesome Blogger" it definitely brings that huge smile on the achievers face and I am no different. I am elated and glad on recieving this title from a very creative lady "Ranjana".

It so happened that a couple of months ago I was looking out for sketches that I could use for my craze of glass-painting and that is when I stumbled upon one of her beautiful pencil sketch. Upon requesting Ranjana happily agreed upon me using the sketch for the painting. She ventures into various forms of art - Saree makeover is something thats unique and I adore so much.

Thanks again !! for having passed this award to Unveil the Other side.

And now as a part of the tradition, I'll have to describe a few of my favorites here.
1. My Favourite Fruit: This has to be the king of fruits - Mango.
2. My Favourite Car: I love the make of Ambassador.
3. My Favourite sports' personality: P.T Usha
4. My Favourite Game: Ice-spice :)
5. My Favourite Chocolate: The one I make at home...

Now the award has to be passed on to awesome bloggers. Hey can it to passed onto all the blogger friends I follow ? Is that permissible? Who cares ? All of whom I follow write awesome stuff. So each of you are eligible to pick the title :)

However in no particular order I've tried to introduce a few wonderful blogs to all my friends in case you've missed reading them.
1) Through My Eyes - >  I love the way Ritesh narrates the thrilling horror stories that brings a shiver down the spine.
2) Life Under Microscope - >  Prasanna Rao literally gets life under the Microscope. I loved "The Letter" she posted recently on her blog.

3) Vyo's World -> The various topics and the essence in each of her posts is something that interests me to go back everytime I find a new post on her blog.

I read a lot from many other well established bloggers from around the world. You can find the list scroll to the right of my blog. All those interested to pick the title "Awesome Bloggers" are more than welcome to do so but you know what you'll have to do once you pick it up. :)


A Homemaker's Utopia said...

Hi Aswini,
Congratulations..May you win many more..:-)Glad to have met you here. Thanks for the visit..:-)

ritesh said...

Hi Ashwini. Thanks for putting my blog over there. I feel honoured :)

Irfanuddin said...

Many Congratulations.....wish you get more n more in upcoming days...

thanks for introducing these bloggers, will visit them soon..:)

Bikramjit said...

Heartiest conratulations to you :) and thanks for introducting some new bloggers will visit them for sure

And I did go to the right and Saw myself their awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy really :)


Jack said...


Well deserved one. Congratulations.

Take care

Rachna said...

Congrats and thanks for introducing bloggers to us.

Prasanna Rao said...

Thanks Ashwini for the award. It means a lot really :)

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@A Homemaker's Utopia: Thanks a lot! Definitely its a pleasure to have met you here..

@Ritesh: I loved your stories so I thought it should be read by many more..

@Irfan: Thanks bhai.. Sure do visit them. They are great.

@Bikram: Thanks a lot. Hurray on finding yourself there!!!

@Jack: & @Rachna: Thank you so much!

@Prasanna Rao: My pleasure:)



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