"We need a downpour"

Scorchig heat accompanied by the dust on the roads equate to "Travel Impossible" in the city of Bangalore these days. God show some sympathy. Shower is what we Bangaloreans are waiting for. The temperature is hitting high on the mercury scale. We are midway through April and no sight of pre-monsoon showers. God of Rain , do hear our prayers - "We need a downpour".

To beat this unwanted heat, small shops[gadiwalas] on the roadside have cropped up. You have a variety to choose from - An icecream candy, goli soda, sugarcane juice,Fresh sweet lime or orange juice, the Thaatiningu [fan palm], tender coconut water, sliced watermelon and more.

I know these names in itself bring some soothing effect, how about having some of these everyday. Aaah!! the feeling is great. Sight of a cart full of fan palms on the road was very pleasing on one of these lazy summer afternoons. The dry climate was pleading my soul to buy some. Unfortunately, as I decide to shell out a few rupees - the signal had turned green.Our cab driver Babu had crossed the traffic signal :(
However I managed to click a picture and here it is:

                                                       © Unveil the Other Side Thaatiningu [fan palm]
Remember! - This hot summer.
* Do keep yourself hydrated.
* Stay indoors as much as possible [especially from 11 am to 4 pm]
* Apply sunscreen when you want to walk out in the sun. - No harm in planning a vacation to the beach.
* Sunglasses also provide an amount of protection to your eyes.
* Wear loose fitting clothes so that air circulates and keeps you fresh.
* Keep a bowl of water outside your house - there are lot of birds which come in serach of it.
* Do not waste water. It is very precious.
* Eat lot of fresh juicy fruits.
* Do not have heavy lunch. You will feel uncomfortable the entire day.
* Get a haircut - Its summer.. hmmmm! Time for some short hair cut.:)

Summer can really be a fun to many but you need to take care of the body a lot especially the skin and eyes.

Enjoy summer , Monsoon's round the corner. :)


KParthasarathi said...

May your prayers be answered with a torrential downpour bringing the down the mercury levels.

Jack said...


I am sure it must have rained there by now. We had rains yesterday and today also, though these are not good for standing crop ready for harvesting. Watermelons and Lemon Juice are the best to counter heat. Good advice, specially care for birds.

Take care

Anonymous said...


Few more things:

- If you really need to get of the house from 11AM to 4PM, carry your own water bottle

- Good thing about summer is there is daylight till &PM or more. So go for a good evening walk, it is more pleasant on some windy days


Anonymous said...


Couple of more things:

1. Carry your own water bottle when you venture out

2. Enjoy extended daylight till &PM or later. Go for evening walks, etc. Sometimes it is windy and very pleasurable.


ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@Kparthasarathi: Thank you! Thank you so much. I feel as if am put inside an oven to be baked into a new dish :) Rain rain come again

@Jack: Nope!! Still waiting for the rains. Lucky you.. enjoying the rains... Send some down here..:)

@Mahesh: Thank you very much for those extra advice. Hmm today I was thinking of also carrying an umbrella along should bring some shade while you walk.. Any more points to remember that might help people around.

Rachna said...

Damn, I am dying in this heat. Yes, dust is so bothersome. Driving through it another pain. I am also praying for rains, and the humidity is horrid too. It is a new high for Bangalore heat. I love coconut water, nimbu paani, and watermelon for this season. Even those munjal or we call them taadgolas (mumbai) are lovely but very difficult to spot them :(.


chitra said...

tender coconut...water milon and chikku milk shake thats what we have these day..its dam hot here too..but lucky we got few dribbles twice this wk.
first i thought it to be Badney kaayi when i saw the photograph!!

Seema said...

lo bhayi tumhe garmi lag rahi hai to aaj hi yaha baarish ho gayi.....

Rahul Bhatia said...

Rains are a long way off! Till then we need to endure the heat with water melons and mangoes :)

Akshay Kumar G said...

Hmmm as a fellow Bangalorean I can completely empathize with you. We need rain! :(

Insignia said...

I cant help but recall those days decades when March had rain and hailstorms and summer was 260 Celcius. Bangalore has gone to the dogs seriously! I am praying for rain too

Sujatha Sathya said...

very true - Bangalore is becoming increasingly unbearably hot

Bikramjit said...

Thanks for the tips .. Send some Heat this side ...

although even we need all the downpours, they are predicting drought here so water is scarse...




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