Don2 Dhamaka..

Oh oh oh!! Let me get it right guys. Am not here to provide a review of the film.I guess a lot of that has already been posted on various blogs. I have reason to title up the post this way. Read on..

It was the last week of December. Cold chilly weather in Bangalore. Temperatures hitting the minimums of the year and there we were the "Ideal 5"[My sis, Dad, Neighbour uncle ,his daughter and of course me] plan up something crazy again.[Read midnight coffee so that you get what crazyness am talking about here.]

After a rocking sunday Biriyani[Yes yes, veggie only] dinner at home, we charted out the possible shows of Don2 running in the theaters within a radius of 10km from our homes. And yes we have a pretty new multiplex nearby and luck in our favour - Local newspaper highlighted 4 shows everyday.

Sis and Myself were free from work hassles for the entire week that followed, showed thumbs up for any available time. However Uncle, dad and our good friend had to make it to work.hmmmph!!!

Monday night 10pm was targeted. Weekday and vacation time - We anticipated less crowd.On reaching the hall is when we realized the craze for Sharukh. hufff! no space to even reach the ticket counter. Adding on to our surprise the hall was completely booked. Last two seats were remaining - A sexy couple and two shabby looking guys were fighting over the booking. Yeah as expected it was the couple who won the battle - they had the tickets in their hands - which we the "Ideal 5" were gaping at, as we descend the escalator.

Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin naamumkin hain!! - Very true.

We drove back in disappointment, yet after a shot of coffee indulge at a cafe outlet located in the ground floor of the mall.

As we head home, thrilled heads of the older generation made us re-initiate the plan for the following day. It was ensured that we booked the tickets well in advance. Hmmm!! A quick ride to the booking center at 3 in the noon - 5 tickets in the middle of the theatre was in our name for that night - 10 pm show.

Ok now we go!! 9:30pm - we gear up ... Boom Boom Go... Aaj Don ko toh pakadna sirf zaroori hain!! :)

And yep we made it in time, though was caught up in a slow moving traffic for about a kilometer at that hour.

It was a first time 3D experience for both - my dad and uncle. Their enthusiasm had no bounds and the energy trickled to the younger gen in no time. Though it wasn't our first 3D entertainer we were equally excited as it was our first night-show in a theatre.

The first shot in front of us we could hear whistles from all four corners. Immersed in the sequel of the earlier one we thoroughly enjoyed the screenplay and the fight sequences. Fun to see Dad and Uncle enjoying the media bits.

And there comes the dhamaka to its ultimatum - Don ko pakadna mushkil bhi nahin aur naamumkin bhi nahin!!! :)

We finally made it - with a bowl of nachos and a bowl of pop corn!

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